Katy Perry is now Roaring, too!!

To Empower Women to Stand Up and Give Voice to Their Truth! To Encourage Men, Good Men, to Join in the Circle of Feminine Energy! To Inspire Children to Clasp our Hands and Join in the ROAR! of No More!   Do you Feel It?     Join me as I document my journey of taking ROAR! ... the article to ROAR!   Cinda Stevens Lonsway has created ... the 'ROAR' MOVEMENT! A ROAR! is a mighty way to take your power back. In 2010, when I was inspired to write ROAR! (ROAR … [Read more...]

Caregivers need Care, too! – WOMEN in RECOVERY

If you’re a family member caring for a loved one with a brain injury, a senior parent or a dependent adult child, you likely feel you fill a role that no one else can. You provide assistance, support and encouragement not because you are being paid to, but out of love and concern for the survivor. This type of commitment is commendable, but many people remark that they don’t feel as if it is a choice, it is simply what is required of the situation. And so, they carry on. But through their … [Read more...]

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