Katy Perry is now Roaring, too!!



To Empower Women to Stand Up and Give Voice to Their Truth!

To Encourage Men, Good Men, to Join in the Circle of Feminine Energy!

To Inspire Children to Clasp our Hands and Join in the ROAR! of No More!


Do you Feel It?


Join me as I document my journey of taking ROAR!

… the article to ROAR!


Cinda Stevens Lonsway has created … the ‘ROAR’ MOVEMENT!

CINDA lion

A ROAR! is a mighty way to take your power back.

In 2010, when I was inspired to write ROAR! (ROAR with Cinda), I tapped into this mighty energy that couldn’t be denied. Pop star, Katy Perry, is tapping into that energy now with her new single Roar. (iTunes – Kate Perry)

ROAR kate perryThis energy called “ROAR!” was first sensed as a movement by Sharon Riegie Maynard of Women Weaving the World in a conversation she downloaded from Gaia in 1997. Just days after I penned ROAR! on May of 2010, Chameli Ardagh of Awakening Women Institute shared it on her blog. Jen Saunders, future creator of Wild Sister Magazine, shared it as well. And many many others, including Catherine Anne Clark of A Celebration of Women™, who featured me as a WOMAN of ACTION™ because of ROAR!

Shortly after, I was invited to host my own Internet TV show based on ROAR! (which I turned down due to contract disagreements).

In 2011, Robin Rice of Awesome Women Hub asked me to create a workshop around what I had written for her AWHub Tour, and from there to workshops done with Sharon Maynard’s Women’s Grassroots Congress. Currently, I do ROAR! workshops for Ascending-Hearts as well as private sessions.

The most current news is that artist Manon Doyle of Sisters of the Sun from Phoenix, AZ is illustrating ROAR!

  • AND, hold on to your horses, things are getting wild, Catherine Anne Clark, in Toronto, Canada is working on developing ROAR! into a theater production!

Let’s make sure that Katy Perry knows that others are ROAR!ing along beside her. That she isn’t alone, nor is she leading, we are all ROAR!ing together!

Ready? Set….. ROAR! Please share ROAR! and let Katy know!


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