INSPIRATIONAL WINDOW – The Journey of Transformation

The Journey of Transformation REMEMBER YOUR SPIRIT The sparkle of the bright moon light shines brilliantly into your room. I am watching over you, guiding and inspiring from afar. The dreamland is the sphere of connection where our hearts are intertwined. I look into your eyes and I give you the courage to be who you are. I welcome the dawn as you alight into a new day. Refreshed, alive with renewed hope and vigor, you feel the light tingle on your skin as I brush you … [Read more...]

Tetka Rhu – WOMAN of ACTION™

  A Celebration of Women™ is elated to Celebrate the Life of this spiritually inspired woman. This power of example, has found the Goddess inside Herself, and is here to help the Women of our World.     WOMAN of ACTION™     Tetka Rhu – 'Goddess of Spirituality'     What has brought Tetka to this stage of her life where she owns her ability to manifest her Creative Artist energy and to be a force for people to “Own their … [Read more...]

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