INSPIRATIONAL WINDOW – The Journey of Transformation

The Journey of Transformation


The sparkle of the bright moon light shines brilliantly into your room.
I am watching over you, guiding and inspiring from afar.
The dreamland is the sphere of connection where our hearts are intertwined.
I look into your eyes and I give you the courage to be who you are.
I welcome the dawn as you alight into a new day.
Refreshed, alive with renewed hope and vigor, you feel the light tingle on your skin as I brush you with my angel wings.
Remember you are not alone, I am always here.
Remember in the silence of the room you will know
Peace of mind, heart, will and soul.
Remember the laughter of times not forgotten and know that the rainbow of delight is showing you the way.
Look to the exciting, new horizons that the dawn of the day brings.
Cherish the understanding which inspires your thoughts.
Allow yourself to be nurtured in the flow of Divine Love as you relish the time we spend together in the dreamland of your seeking.
I am no longer where I was
I am now wherever YOU are.

Tetka Rhu Artist/Author

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