Celebration House™ features MICHAEL BALLARD – NOV 26

SAVE THE DATE - NOV 26   Imagine Yourself© The Imagine Yourself© program was developed by Michael H. Ballard. It is available as a keynote, workshop, training or train-the-trainer session. This is a program to assist people of all ages to learn what to do to prepare them, or assist them work towards recovery should they feel overwhelmed when faced with unrelenting stress, adversity, grief and or a serious loss. We have and do work with groups on how to use this material in … [Read more...]


SOUL DYNAMICS http://www.soulexpansioninstitute.com Volume 3, Issue 7 July 2011 In This Issue WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING FREE TELECONFERENCE SPIRITUAL BUCKET LIST ANGELS 911 - HELP! Dear Friends, Sometimes it is helpful to know what others have experienced in working with me. Here is a sampling of the many comments I have received. As an Inner Guidance Coach, it would be my honor to share my gift with you. Blessings, Dorothy Rettay Here's what people are … [Read more...]

Marianne Williamson Taking Action! 3 Day Retreat…Feb. or Apr. 2011

A Three-Day Retreat with Marianne Williamson Choose from San Diego, CA or Phoenicia, NY Locations Join Marianne Williamson for a three-day intensive retreat, delving deep into the miraculous intersection of spirituality and weight loss. Using material from her new book, A COURSE IN WEIGHT LOSS: 21 Spiritual Lessons For Surrendering Your Weight Forever, Marianne will put your feet firmly on the path to both conscious weight loss and spiritual healing. Allow her, along with Yoga expert Tracee … [Read more...]

UNIC New Delhi Seminar on Peace and Non-Violence

Seminar Participants As part of the 12-day Peace to Non-Violence campaign, the United Nations Infor-mation Centre (UNIC) in New Delhi collaborated with NGO Women's Initiative for Peace in South Asia (WIPSA) and National Foundation for India in organizing a day-long seminar titled “Sisters for Peace: Voices from Kashmir” on 29 September, where a dozen women activists, academics and female victims of violence from Kashmir presented their perspectives on the Kashmir conflict and its impact on … [Read more...]

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