UN Security Council condemns M23 at Goma

The UN Security Council, acting under the enforcement provisions of the Charter of the United Nations on Wednesday strongly condemned the M23 and all its attacks on the civilian population, MONUSCO peacekeepers and humanitarian actors. The Council also strongly condemned the M23 abuses of human rights, including summary executions, sexual and gender based violence and large scale recruitment and use of child soldiers. It further condemned the attempts by the M23 to establish an … [Read more...]

Syria – no blood for oil‏ , Avaaz.org ~ Take Action!

Syria - no blood for oil‏ , Avaaz.org   Syria’s bloody crackdown is fueled by oil revenue from Europe. EU-wide oil sanctions would cripple Syria’s ability to continue the killing.Click here to demand EU leaders impose immediate oil sanctions: For months, Syria's brutal President Assad has paid henchmen to wage war on his own people. Governments across the world have condemned these atrocities, but key European leaders could cut off the cash flow that finances this … [Read more...]

No Fly Zone in Lybia – Emma Ruby-Sachs, Avaaz.org

The UN Security Council will decide in 48 hours whether to impose a no-fly zone on Libya's deadly air force to stop attacks on civilians. United global pressure from people around the world has helped push the Council to a unified position before -- we need it now:   As Qaddafi's jets drop bombs on the Libyan people, the UN Security Council will decide in 48 hours whether to impose a no-fly zone to keep the government's warplanes on the ground. Together, we've sent 450,000 emails to the UN … [Read more...]

The Chinese-Iranian Oil Connection ~ Sanctions

  Getting China to Sanction Iran      The Chinese-Iranian Oil Connection For more than three decades, the United States has tried to persuade the international community to counter the threat posed by Iran's Islamic regime. The results have often been underwhelming, with even Washington's closest allies resisting tough measures against Iran because of strategic considerations and commercial … [Read more...]

PMO(Canada) PMO's Statement on implementing sanctions against Libya.

              Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on implementing sanctions against Libya          February 27, 2011 , Ottawa, Ontario   Prime Minister Stephen Harper today made the following remarks announcing Canada’s implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1970 adopting sanctions on Libya:  “Once again, I want to take this opportunity to update you on Canada’s actions regarding the situation in Libya.“    Our priority remains the safe evacuation of Canadians from … [Read more...]

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