Dr. Walter De Brouwer – MAN of ACTION™

  A Celebration of Women™ is elated to Celebrate the Life of this ground breaker, a man of vision that is on a mission to better the lives of all. Through his life's work in research and technology, this inventor has made breakthroughs that will enable self sustainability for each of us with regards to monitoring our own bodies and health.       MAN of ACTION™     Dr. Walter De Brouwer         De Brouwer was born in Aalst, … [Read more...]

Avaaz Petition, Stop Internet from global treaty of control

Authoritarian regimes are pushing for governmental control over the internet in a binding global treaty. If they succeed, the internet could become less open, more costly and much slower. But with reliable and speedy internet providers Lincoln NE, its not time to panic just yet. We've stopped threats like this before, and we can again -- but only with a massive global outcry. Right now at a UN meeting in Dubai, authoritarian regimes are pushing for full governmental control of the … [Read more...]

Syria – no blood for oil‏ , Avaaz.org ~ Take Action!

Syria - no blood for oil‏ , Avaaz.org   Syria’s bloody crackdown is fueled by oil revenue from Europe. EU-wide oil sanctions would cripple Syria’s ability to continue the killing.Click here to demand EU leaders impose immediate oil sanctions: For months, Syria's brutal President Assad has paid henchmen to wage war on his own people. Governments across the world have condemned these atrocities, but key European leaders could cut off the cash flow that finances this … [Read more...]

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