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Through his life’s work in research and technology, this inventor has made breakthroughs that will enable self sustainability for each of us with regards to monitoring our own bodies and health.



Dr. Walter De Brouwer

Dr. Walter De Brouwer

De Brouwer was born in Aalst, Belgium. Belgium (Listeni/ˈbɛldʒəm/ bel-jəm), officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a federal monarchy in Western Europe. It is a founding member of the European Union and hosts the EU’s headquarters as well as those of several other major international organisations such as NATO. Belgium covers an area of 30,528 square kilometres (11,787 sq mi), and it has a population of about 11 million people.

belgiumUpon its independence, Belgium participated in the Industrial Revolution and, during the course of the 20th century, possessed a number of colonies in Africa.

The second half of the 20th century was marked by the rise of contrasts between the Flemish and the Francophones fuelled by differences of language and the unequal economic development of Flanders and Wallonia. This continuing antagonism has caused far-reaching reforms, changing the formerly unitary Belgian state into a federal state, and several governmental crises, the most recent, from 2007 to 2011, being the longest.

The history of Belgium stretches back before the origin of the modern state of that name in 1830. Belgium’s history is intertwined with those of its neighbours: the Netherlands, Germany, France and Luxembourg. For most of its history, what is now Belgium was either a part of a larger territory, such as the Carolingian Empire, or divided into a number of smaller states, prominent among them being the Duchy of Brabant, the County of Flanders, the Prince-Bishopric of Liège and Luxembourg. Due to its strategic location and the many armies fighting on its soil, Belgium since the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) has often been called the “battlefield of Europe” or the “cockpit of Europe”. It is also remarkable as a European nation which contains, and is divided by, a language boundary between Latin-derived French, and Germanic Dutch.

Belgium’s formation, like that of its Benelux neighbors, can be traced back to the “Seventeen Provinces” within the Burgundian Netherlands. These were brought together under the House of Valois-Burgundy, and eventually declared independent of both France and Germany by their descendant Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, in his Pragmatic Sanction of 1549. The Eighty Years’ War (1568-1648), led to the split between a northern Dutch Republic, and the Southern Netherlands from which Belgium and Luxembourg developed. This southern territory continued to be ruled by the Hapsburg descendants of the Burgundian house, at first as the “Spanish Netherlands”.

Invasions from France under Louis XIV led to the loss of most of what is now Nord-Pas-de-Calais to France, while the remainder finally became the “Austrian Netherlands”. The French Revolutionary wars led to Belgium becoming part of France in 1795, bringing the end of the semi-independence of areas which had belonged to the Catholic church. After the defeat of the French in 1814, a new United Kingdom of the Netherlands was created, which eventually split one more time during the Belgian Revolution of 1830-1839, giving three modern nations, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Revolution is in his DNA … born to be a Revolutionary!

Belgium was one of the first countries to experience an Industrial Revolution, which brought prosperity in the 19th century but also opened a political dichotomy between liberal businessmen and socialist workers. The king set up his own private colonial empire in the Belgium Congo, which the government took over after a major scandal in 1908.

Belgium was neutral but its strategic location as a pathway to France made it an invasion target for Germany in 1914 and 1940. Conditions under the occupation were severe. In the postwar period Belgium was a leader in European unification, as a founding member of what has become the European Union. Brussels is now host to the headquarters of NATO and is the de facto capital of the European Union.

The colonies became independent in the early 1960s.

GraduationHatHe earned a Masters degree in linguistics from the University of Ghent in 1980 and a PhD in Semiotics from Tilburg University in 2005.

He was a lecturer at the University of Antwerp (UFSIA) and an adjunct professor at the International University of Monaco from 2001-2004.

He is an Entrepreneur in Residence with the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning at Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge since 2004.

He sits on the editorial advisory board of the Journal for Chinese Entrepreneurship.

Walter De Brouwer, Ph.D. is a Belgian futurist, semiotician, and internet entrepreneur. He is currently CEO Europe at OLPC Foundation, Director at Tau Zero Foundation, and Entrepreneur in Residence at University of Cambridge.

Walter was educated at the University of Ghent from where he holds an MA in linguistics. He earned his Ph.D. in Semiotics from the Catholic Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Until 1989 he was a lecturer at the Jesuit University of Antwerp (UFSIA) and a faculty professor at the International University of Monaco from 2001–2004. He has been a member of the Center for Entrepreneurial Learning (Judge Business School, rank 7 globally) of the University of Cambridge (UK) since 2004. He sits on the editorial team of the Journal for Chinese Entrepreneurship. At the moment he is preparing a Ph.D. in Development economics at his alma mater, the University of Ghent.

WALTER TECHSince 2003, he is a director of the Tau Zero Foundation, formerly known as NASA’s Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program which recently published the state-of-the-art work The Frontiers of Propulsion Science. In 1998, he organized the ‘First International Conference of Quantum Information and Computation’ at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels — sponsored by the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development of the United States Air Force. He also sponsored the Centre for Quantum Computation of the University of Oxford (United Kingdom). Together with the British Interplanetary Society (BIS), Tau Zero started Project Icarus (the son of Project Daedalus) on September 30, 2009, to design an interstellar probe to go to Barnard’s Star before the end of the 21st century. Icarus will utilize fusion based engine technology which would accelerate the spacecraft to close to 20% the speed of light.

In 2008, Walter became the CEO of OLPC Europe, the European branch of (MIT Media Lab’s) Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop per Child, a position he currently holds. The foundation is located at the campus of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) in Belgium and collaborates with the King Baudouin Foundation. He is also the president of the Belgian chapter of Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute, and the curator of TEDxBrussels. He was founder and CEO of Starlab, an interdisciplinary research institute modeled on the MIT media lab.

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This talk discusses health under the prism of evolving and converging technologies, with ‘mythical’ instruments coming to life and defining the new health market. It’ll be right at our homes, with the convenience of our smartphone. Technology will provide us with the power to be in control of our health indicators, have instant results’ evaluations and take educated decisions.

scanadu-scout-1Technology will enable us to “swallow our doctors” instead of waiting endlessly for 2 minutes of their time, and this new era is coming sooner than we think. We’ll be the last generation that know so little about our health.

Time “serial entrepeneur”, The Sunday Times “collateral thinker”, Financial Times “Ubernerd”.

Walter De Brouwer is Involved in 2 international IPO’s (Stepstone [LSE: sso], Eunet-Qwest [nyse:Q]). Founding father of Europe’s first “thinkubator” (Starlab) and the concept of “Deep Future” research.

Ex CEO One Laptop Per Child Europe and Now CEO of CEO SCANADU, San Francisco.

Scanadu Scout, the first Medical Tricorder – INDIEGOGO

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Scanadu Scout, the first Medical Tricorder – INDIEGOGO


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