5 False Beliefs That Stop You From Finding Real Love

My husband, Kiran, and I were each married before for about six years when we were younger. Both of us then spent several years in unfulfilling, on again/off again relationships. The good news is the suffering we endured, combined with therapy and a lot of work on ourselves, got us to an incredible place. When we finally came together in our late 30s, we had a strongly defined sense of who we were, what we wanted in a partner, and how to forge a supportive, loving and happy marriage. Here … [Read more...]

Master Class, Finding Love With Astrology, Elsa P.

How To Shed A Mindset That Prevents You From Finding Love‏ I have a friend whose son is in his early twenties. He's been hexed on the love front. Every woman he's ever been involved with has treated him in a crummy way. Though he is smart and looks like a model, he treats women so well that they figure something is wrong with him. He's spent his life proving the axiom that "nice guys finish last." You'd expect this man to develop a bad mindset about relationships. You'd expect him … [Read more...]

INTIMACY in the Year of 2011: 1000 Intimate Questions for Couples.

    A Celebration of Women is pleased to share this message from a friend of ours, Michael Webb, relationship expert.      This project has culminated into 1000 questions that every Women in our World could and/or should share with her husband, lover, friend, etc. We are all starting a new year, and knowing this will include to beginning of the Year of the Metal Rabbit - where practicality over-rules romance - it is safe to say that Couples will need to Educate themselves. So, when you find … [Read more...]

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