INTIMACY in the Year of 2011: 1000 Intimate Questions for Couples.



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is pleased to share this message from a friend of ours, Michael Webb, relationship expert. 



This project has culminated into 1000 questions that every Women in our World could and/or should share with her husband, lover, friend, etc. We are all starting a new year, and knowing this will include to beginning of the Year of the Metal Rabbit – where practicality over-rules romance – it is safe to say that Couples will need to Educate themselves.

So, when you find yourself discussing the size of the retirement plan rather than the size of the diamond….


This year of 2011 will encompass a global need for stability, and with it comes the inherent habit of budgeting, planning for long term over the short term.  Now, anyone engaged and planning marriage in the year of 2011 has an awesome leaning to living a lifetime of success, with this partner, if romance is not the Key to your Success. In other words, don’t be looking for weekly red roses, or real silk in the boudouir this year coming; yet, if those things are really important to you, take the time to ‘put them into the plan for the year’.

Plan on working on Intimacy for the Long-term!


 Michael Webb, relationship expert….shares some great techniques.


I began asking my wife these questions and you would not believe what
the end result was….
500 Intimate Questions for Couples.



You can get it right now here


Several months ago I began to feverishly work on my newest project,

I was going through 1000s of potential questions and narrowing them
down to the ones I thought would be the most useful in helping
couples to build deep, lasting intimacy and to also helping them to
experience the best possible sex.

One night Athena and I were in the living room and I began asking
some of the questions.

We shared deeply and before I knew it,
Athena had enough of talking 😉

Time and again I have discovered just how powerful these questions
are for both men and women. My wife shared thoughts, feelings and
ideas that made me lust after her and made me love her even more

We guys don’t always like to talk and *open up* but these
were topics that are very exciting to almost all men.

I’m offering a special promotion with the 500 Intimate Questions for
Couples until Monday, January 3rd to help celebrate New Years.

This is a great way to start off 2011 on a positive note with your
relationship. I guarantee you that with these questions, you’ll
grow deeper in love, your intimacy will blossom and the lovemaking will




In addition to the discounted introduction rate I am including a copy
of my 100 Great Sex Games for Couples.

This offer expires Monday.


To your relationship!

Michael Webb



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