How to Know if Your Intuition Is Steering You in the Right Direction

Some believe intuition to be completely made up, a concept verging on mysticism in some cases. I don't. I believe intuition is a strong guide that can assist you in day to day decisions. In many cases, intuition is here to kick you in the gut and show you in subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, ways that you are off or on the right track. But it can be difficult to discern whether your intuition is right or simply playing tricks on you. In this article, I'm going to give your clear signs that … [Read more...]

Lynn Stevenson – WOMAN of ACTION™

  A Celebration of Women™ is elated to add to our family this woman of many talents. A mother, a grand-mother, writer, psychic and so much more, this woman is now available for all the Women of our World. In her own words from one of her creations, Pwibles, carries the message of her philosophy and purpose of life   PeaceWisdomInnocenceBalanceLoveEquality ~ Strength   Celebrate the Life of this awesome Alumni member of our WOMEN of ACTION with us here today! … [Read more...]

Higher Power, The Triple Transformation – WOMEN in RECOVERY

Divine Guidance If you could see yourself as Spirit sees you, there would be no doubt about the Importance of this Life. You would understand why it's so vital that you wake up fully and walk the Earth like the Divine being you truly are. You know the potency of using your next present moments to Masterfully create a New Way of Being. Make your best efforts to Create a Life Worthy of Remembering. Being able to make Miracles happen is fundamentally a result of how you … [Read more...]

EDGAR CAYCE – Open Your Heart & Mind.

Meditation is very important you and You are encouraged to practice it often. When we meditate, we begin to feel the touch of our spirit we sense our vibration increasing in an internal, eternal, melding of Self with our Soul. A quiet mind hears , the more you relax your mind, the easier it is for you to hear the answer. Open our heart and mind, this Abundant Love has no Boundaries.... EDGAR CAYCE: The work … [Read more...]

VERONICA – Be Fearless

   A New Message From VERONICA       Fearless     "In the current reality it may appear that it is at the brink of disaster. Every moment being filled with a crescendo of negativity. One wonders where it will all lead to as the parameters of your world wavers. Many of your feel that th end is near, but is it?     Without fear it is a beginning.     Know that spirit is ever present for all within every heart beat in the physical. Often in the chaos one feels separated from their soul while … [Read more...]

Psychic Workout: New Moon Transformation

Psychic Workout: New Moon Transformation By Psychic Marin ext. 5113 The new moon is less familiar, yet equally as powerful, as the full moon. In this year-long exercise, you will get to know the energy corresponding to each new moon. Become aware when the moon is full, or dark, including the different themes to explore, and different aspects of yourself. If you’re desiring a time for awakening and deeper soul work, take part in these monthly new moon exercises to bring forth a deeper sense of … [Read more...]

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