Cortney Litwin: 'Uranus in Aries' – Extremism is the challenge'

   Your March Forecast The launch February 28, 2011 at 5:00 am of a major eight-year transit,  Uranus in Aries, begins on March 11.   Extremism is the challenge with this revolutionary planet.           Uranus is the great awakener that annihilates entrenched policies on a global level and outmoded relationships, ideas and attitudes on a personal level–all in the name of enlightenment.    Although we caught a glimpse of this influence last spring through midsummer, when Uranus briefly entered … [Read more...]

Elsa P. – A Gambler, A Black Widow And…‏It’s a complicated out there.

  It's a complicated out there. Heading into the weekend, people are thinking seriously now with Mercury in Capricorn but we've still got over-the-top hi-jinks, reckless behavior, dumb luck and leaps off faith that will pay off in many cases. These things clash to an extent; or balance each other if you want to take the optimistic view. "Get it while you can" becomes, get away with it while you can which is tempting to many if not most. To add intrigue, the Moon is in Scorpio until Saturday … [Read more...]

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