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 Your March Forecast

The launch February 28, 2011 at 5:00 am of a major eight-year transit,

 Uranus in Aries, begins on March 11.


Extremism is the challenge with this revolutionary planet.


Uranus is the great awakener that annihilates entrenched policies on a global level and outmoded relationships, ideas and attitudes on a personal level–all in the name of enlightenment. 
Although we caught a glimpse of this influence last spring through midsummer, when Uranus briefly entered Aries, the shift begins in earnest now. During the next few months, people with placements in early Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn may start to feel the winds of change somewhere in their lives. For all of us, it’s time to express our individuality, originality and brilliance.
Transit TalesThe Sun, Mercury and Mars in Pisces at the start of the month energize mysticism, fantasy and intuition. Getting in touch with your inner life, spirituality and imagination is encouraged, as long as you stay in touch with reality as well.
Aries takes over toward the end of March as the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus team up to galvanize self-expression, individuality and the launch of new (and groundbreaking) ideas and projects.
In the romance arena, Venus in Aquarius (through March 25) favors friendly gatherings and altruistic activities. Throughout the month, Mars in Pisces may inspire you to focus on the sensitive, intuitive connections in your relationships.
It also stirs up both fantasy and elusiveness, so strive for clarity during romantic encounters, especially after Venus enters Pisces on March 26.Planets in MotionMercury will be retrograde in Aries from March 30-April 22. This pesky influence can stymie new projects unless you’re careful to do the groundwork first.
On the positive side, it encourages a review of how you express yourself. Are you confident enough to reveal who you truly are, or are you hiding behind a mask in your words and actions? Dare to share your unique self with the world!
Saturn, which continues its retrograde travels through mid-June, encourages a review of your goals, duties and commitments. Lunar Magic Taking stock of your spiritual life is the focus of the New Moon in Pisces on March 4. This influence can also bring out your artistry or compassion. The Full Moon in Virgo on March 19 encourages you to get healthy and organized. It also favors service-related endeavors.

Planetary Highlights

March 1-25: Venus in Aquarius shines a light on friendships, networking, group activities and social causes.
March 4: The New Moon in Pisces brings fresh energy to spiritual, artistic and altruistic pursuits.
March 9: Mercury conjunct Uranus in Pisces can spark brilliant, imaginative or unrealistic ideas and discussions.
March 9-May 14: Mercury in Aries favors ideas and discussions that are daring, adventurous or groundbreaking.
March 11-March 6, 2019: Uranus in Aries brings a new cycle of change that inspires individual self-expression, innovative enterprises and extremism.
March 13: Mercury square Pluto can cause overreactions or entrenched attitudes to surface during discussions.
March 14: Venus trine Saturn helps clarify and stabilize relationships, group projects and negotiations.
March 15: Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries inspires far-reaching or visionary ideas, projects and discussions.
March 18: Mercury opposing Saturn favors practical or detailed discussions but can stymie the flow of conversations.
March 19: The Full Moon in Virgo energizes healthy and helpful activities.
March 20-April 19: Sun in Aries launches the Spring Equinox, bringing fresh energy to new endeavors.
March 21: Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries can bring out your inner genius, altruist or rebel.March 26: Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius favors activities that are highly romantic, artsy or compassionate.
March 26-April 19: Venus in Pisces inspires spiritual, empathic or elusive/deceptive social connections.
March 26-April 1: Jupiter opposing Saturn creates a conflict between expansion/growth and caution/conservatism.
March 28: Sun square Pluto can bring up issues that keep you from fully expressing your creativity or individuality.
March 30-April 22: Retrograde Mercury in Aries can hinder new projects and ideas, but encourages a review of how you express your individuality.
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