Todd Reginald Hewitt – MAN of ACTION™

  A Celebration of Women™ is honored this day to Celebrate the Life of a thoroughly inspiring man, a definite awakened soul. Through a series of tragic events in his own life, this man has turned a new leaf and today devotes his life not only to his own family; but, to a cause that will assist all families to become aware ... of a viral disease that could affect up to 95% of our society named: PML Taken Action in his life for the betterment of others !!!     MAN of … [Read more...]

Courtney Leigh Hewitt Scholarship 2010 – Skyler Parker

    Skyler Parker, Winner 2010       Courtney Leigh Hewitt Scholarship 2010 Skyler Parker, as the proud recipient of 2010 Courtney Leigh Hewitt Scholarship, says   " I am extremely honored beyond words to receive this award! "     Without ever having the pleasure and opportunity of getting to know this amazing, incredible human being. I humbly accept this award and will use it to further my education and become a Nurse, a life long dream of mine! Currently, I am enrolled in the Nursing … [Read more...]

Courtney Leigh Hewitt Scholarship Fund – Pure Joy Ministries

    A Celebration of Women is honored to announce the establishment and first recipient of:     The 2009 Recipient of the 'Courtney Leigh Hewitt Scholarship' given by     Pure Joy Ministries   Pure Joy a non-denominational Ministry founded by Billy and Tracy Varn from Orangeburg, South Carolina. Billy and Tracy have been married for 25 years and have four beautiful children, three sons and a daughter. This amazing family have and hold strong Christian beliefs! Pure Joy … [Read more...]

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