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is honored this day to Celebrate the Life of a thoroughly inspiring man, a definite awakened soul.

Through a series of tragic events in his own life, this man has turned a new leaf and today devotes his life not only to his own family; but, to a cause that will assist all families to become aware … of a viral disease that could affect up to 95% of our society named: PML

Taken Action in his life for the betterment of others !!!





Todd Reginald Hewitt

He was born October 16, 1954 in Conway, South Carolina and later moved to Orangeburg, South Carolina. Educated in the South Carolina Public School System and attended S.C.State College.

In his early years pursued a career in Modeling and Entertainment in New York from 1974 through 1991, being mentored by the late great Millie Lewis-Owner Millie Lewis Models of The South-AMTC and Betty Lane Cherry Gramling-Owner Betty Lane Models-President of M.A.A.I. … both legends in the fields of Modeling and Entertainment.

 From 1984 until 1991, he served as Owner/Director of his three Modeling Agencies/Schools in South Carolina and worked very hard to have them licensed by the department of education.

He relocated to Orlando, Florida in 1992 and accepted a position at Walt Disney World Company Entertainment as a Hair& Makeup Specialist, where he worked with such big names as Don Johnson, Melanie Griffin, Bea Arthur, Nell Carter, Sidney Poitier, just to name a few.

In 2000, he served as Fashion Stylist for Bloomingdales coordinating all the looks for the grand opening for, “The Mall of Millennia” in Orlando.

He enjoys gardening and loves to read and write.
Reginald Todd Hewitt currently resides in Orlando with his four grandchildren. Although he is retired, he maintains an active role in his community and school activities.

My daughter, Courtney Leigh Hewitt, died last year of a rare viral disease called PML … so rare her doctor had never even heard of it.

He called himself an Infectious Disease Specialist. Holding the report in his hand, turns her away … only to die a short time after. Since my daughter Courtney’s death, it has become my personal quest to Raise Global Awareness of this horrible virus!
I would like to share her amazing story with you and your viewers around the world in hopes of educating and raising this much needed awareness.

 When PML claimed my daughter Courtney’s life, 

I began my personal quest to raise Worldwide Awareness!


PML itself is caused from the JC Virus, which is lying dormant in 85 to 90% of our World’s Population!!

That’s when I decided to write and share her amazing story with you all, the people of our World!

I thought to myself, how can one person could possibly accomplish such a huge task?

Now semi-retired, not by choice, as a result of his daughter Courtney’s death, he now devotes his time to raising his four grandchildren, Chloe_13, Kylie_12, Claudia_9 and Alexander_8. During his time living with and taking custody of these four amazing children, he writes a book named “Courtney’s Story,” which chronicles her amazing battle with PML {progressive multi-focal-leuko-encephalapathy}, an elusive and very rare viral disease that affects parts of the brain and Raising Worldwide Awareness, by talking to groups about PML.

PML can also occur in organ transplant patients, people undergoing chronic corticosteroid or immunosuppressive therapy, and people that have certain cancers, such as Hodgkin’s disease, lymphoma, and sarcoidosis.

PML disease most commonly occurs in anyone who has ever had the Chickenpox or has a weakened or compromised Immune System and affects the central nervous system and brain.
The symptoms can be similar to other diseases out there, which is why it is so hard to detect.

The virus will cause lesions on the brain and begin to affect the nervous system and affects everyone differently. It depends on which section of the brain it decides to affect that will cause certain symptoms. For instance, when it attacks the part of the brain that controls a person’s motor skills that person will lose the ability to walk or talk. Early symptoms may include a weakness on one side, blurred vision, fatigue, impairment of learned skills, confusion, disorientation, loss of balance, and a possibility of seizures. Symptoms can often be misdiagnosed as a stroke or other similar HIV related conditions that affect the brain.

The only effective way of properly diagnosing PML Disease is through an MRI and CT Scan or a brain biopsy. The treatment of PML can be just as bad as retrieving the diagnosis. The treatment of medications was given through a shunt in the brain. Now it has been discovered that an aggressive anti-HIV therapy can possibly result in the remission of PML. If a person is misdiagnosed and does not receive the proper treatment, then their life expectancy will be one to three months.

Because this disease is so rare and little is known about it more people have passed away than should have. Single mothers raising their children, such as Courtney Leigh Hewitt of Orlando, Florida have been misdiagnosed and did not receive the proper treatment. You can read Courtney’s Story in a new tell all book written by her loving father, Reginald Todd Hewitt.

The book tells of all the problems they faced in getting a proper diagnosis and the right treatment for Courtney.

There are doctors, including HIV doctors, out there that do not know about PML, such as was the case with her own Infectious Disease Specialist!

PML is so rare and because of this many people are losing their lives,

when they could be living longer with the early diagnosis and aggressive treatments!

I hope that as an individual whether you have HIV, cancer, have had an organ transplant or know someone who has or is suffering from any of these diseases, you will educate yourself about this disease and read,” Courtney’s Story!

When you put the three parts together “leukoencephalopathy“ means a disease of the white matter in the brain. But what does that mean? Simply put, PML is a serious progressive viral opportunistic infection of the brain’s white matter.

The virus responsible for PML is one that most everyone has been exposed to if they have ever had the Chickenpox!



What Makes a Man of Action?


Working in his community – Orlo Vista Chamber Board

The recent restructuring of the Orlo Vista Chamber Board was much needed for the continued success and growth of this historical little community! We are excited and pleased with their accomplishments which have strengthened their ties with residents and local businesses.

I encourage all residents to get involved as well as all local businesses who have chosen Orlo Vista as their place to live and do business!

“It’s an opportunity for us to re-connect with neighborhoods.”

We are already connected but we get to become a little more personal and get to listen to some of their problems or issues they have going on in the neighborhood,” said Sheriff Demmings of the Orange County Sheriff‘s Department.

It’s all about Crime Prevention and the fact that so many of the residents of this small west Orange community aide us and support us in our efforts is astounding!

The Orlo Vista United Safe Neighborhood and the Orlo Vista Chamber of Commerce are a force to be reckoned with in itself; combined with law enforcement, look out!

It’s now been a little over three years since I began my Global Awareness Campaign to increase awareness of PML.

The key to my success with my work was being able to reach out to everyone. Every man, woman and child! How will I judge the level of my success? When people can see the results and judge the level of my success! When I first began, I was faced with much resistance due to the direct connection of PML and our bodies’s immune system.

In today’s society, first thought from most people is; compromised immune systems, surely must mean PML is only an HIV related disease!

This could not be farther from the truth!

Today, coming up soon to the anniversary date of Courtney’s diagnosis of PML, I have discovered a world of pessimism and non-believers and dissension.



You could easily spend most of your time in meetings discussing endless details of PML, it’s cause and hopefully someday a cure.You can also stand up and take action by lending your voice and help this much needed awareness!

Most people are afraid to Take Action, afraid of the implications, to the extent that their interests or support carries a stigma they are ashamed, embarrassed or just plain scared of!

The Courtney Project founded by a mere father and grandfather has indeed sparked global interests of the horrible disease that claimed his daughter’s life in 2009!

One thing we all must remember as adults, parents, brothers, sisters and brothers; our imagination and motivation can be greater than our tallest buildings with thousands of doors and windows of opportunity for everyone to enter!

I have been known in my life as a man of action and have both achieved and caused upset. I often do before I think, even though I love logic and conceptual thought.
The question is what is more beneficial to the world, Men of Action or men of thought… ?

Reginald Todd Hewitt is affectionately know as ” Todd”, by his many friends and “Papi Todd” by his six grandchildren.



“Please, Courtney lost her voice, won’t you lend her Your’s”?



Reginald Todd Hewitt
434 North Normandale Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32835
EMAIL: [email protected]

A Celebration of Women™

is inspired by and motivated to work with this awakened male energy in his mission to Wake Up our World to an Awareness of PML and welcomes him with open arms into our Alumni of MEN of ACTION™.



Bravo Todd !!!


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