WOMAN of ACTION – Nancy Vogl

A Celebration of Women is Heart-warmed to celebrate with the Women of our World, a Woman that has Taken Action to show that LOVE is the Key to Life.....this inspiring Grandmother has reached out on Facebook seeking Support for her Breanna.....we are Celebrating her Courage. WOMAN of ACTION Nancy Vogl Nancy is the loving Matriarch of an Amazing and very, very, very large Family! Enjoy this list: Heidi Vogl, Monika Vogl, Lisa Vogl, Michelle Lawson, … [Read more...]

Is Social Media Fun or Incredibly Stressful?

The Facebook Dilemna: Is Social Media Fun or Incredibly Stressful? The less-than-careful ways people use Facebook may increase stress and impact lives. You can find yourself compromised if you’re not careful, and even if you are, some of what happens on social media sites may be beyond your control. Consider this: Colleges and universities vet potential students via Facebook. Employers screen candidates via Facebook and Google. Divorce lawyers collect evidence from those pages. … [Read more...]

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