WOMAN of ACTION – Nancy Vogl

A Celebration of Women

is Heart-warmed to celebrate with the Women of our World, a Woman that has
Taken Action to show that LOVE is the Key to Life…..this inspiring
Grandmother has reached out on Facebook seeking Support for her
Breanna…..we are Celebrating her Courage.


Nancy Vogl

Nancy is the loving Matriarch

of an Amazing and very, very, very large Family!

Enjoy this list:

Heidi Vogl, Monika Vogl, Lisa Vogl, Michelle Lawson, Tyler J. Cole,

Justin, 10 (grandson), T.J., 10 (grandson), Six Stepchildren,

Nine Step-grandchildren

Nancy starts her day with a view of the bay, living in Traverse City, Michigan.
Nancy is also a writer, author, lyricist, speaker and aspiring screenwriter.
While I have dozens of books inside of me, if I write 100 of them, my very favorite

will always be the children’s book I wrote with my daughter, Heidi Cole

– inspired by my oldest grandson Tyler – called, “Am I a Color Too?”

It won six national awards and honors for Best Children’s Book and Best Multicultural Book, including the coveted “Christopher Award.” It is stunningly beautiful with a simple, yet profound, message.

They are Partners in life

and in writing Children’s books…

Additionally, I wrote the Bestselling Harley children’s books, “Why Grandpa Rides a Harley and “Grandma Loves Her Harley Too,” found in nearly 500 Harley Dealerships Nationwide.

NANCY loving her ‘forward thinking’ Hippie Husband, David Strange.

Here are peaceful David’s own words:

“I’m an old-time hippie who believes that the reasons why we embraced the “hippie” movement over 30 years ago are still valid.

We “had it right the first time

– and now we’re getting a chance to prove it all over again…

I also believe that the world needs more forward thinkers, and I like to think I’m one of them. I’m currently working on a very innovative housing solution for disaster situations.

Rolling Blackouts in California, Nancy Vogl & Nancy Rivera Brooks

Soon to be Revealed.

Also, my wife and I (a professional speaker and author) created two children’s books for the Harley-Davidson market:

Why Grandpa Rides a Harley


and “Grandma Loves Her Harley Too.”


“They are Bestsellers in most of the Harley Dealerships Nationwide.”


In Nancy’s own words:

“I never talk about my husband Dave online…but I’m making an exception. Our granddaughter’s brain surgery is June 22, she’s having her head shaved, and she’s scared.

Dave, Dave Jr. and others are “Buzzing for Breanna” on Father’s Day to help raise much-need $$ to get to Mt. Sinai in NYC for the surgery and other visits.”

…simply Loving …

Nancy and David are ‘two peas in a pod’ who’s Actions can be described as LOVING, simply Loving.

NANCY is also the Editor and Co-author of,

Chicken Soup for the Single Parent’s Soul“,

Get this book

and a Contributor to “A Cup of Comfort for Single Mothers.”


I’m currently working on a blockbuster children’s book that I expect will be huge, as well as a brash, in-your-face “self-help” book.

We’ll see where that one goes!

My music has been inspired by family,

especially my son-in-law….

As for my songwriting, my very first two songs, written with my son-in-law, Leslie Bowe, took international honors. “Here I Am” won the Grand Prize in Australia for best song.

Leslie Bowe: http://www.myspace.com/lesliebowe

If Only For Today” (written also with Geoff Thurman) took Second for the International Song of Peace in Ireland.

These songs and others can be listened to on my MySpace page:

Nancy Vogl: http://www.myspace.com/nancyvogl

Lastly, I’m slowly developing a speaking career…

I have so many big steps to follow in with all my friends in NSA

that I’m bound to have at least some Success!”

Nancy is also capable of being ‘weak in the knees’ ,

school girl innocence, as she describes here:

“Today is actor HUGH O’BRIAN’s 85th birthday-I’ll never forget when he called me. When told a “Hugh O’Brian” was on the phone, I said, “It can’t be!” When I picked up the phone he asked, “Do you know who I am?” I said, “Well, if you’re tall, dark, and handsome and more famously known as Wyatt Earp, then I guess I do.” “Yes, that would be me,” he said. I went weak-kneed and just about swooned…I mean, it was Hugh O’Brian!”


In her own words, she describes her life:

I’ve yet to make my BIG mark, but I know I’ve made a number of small, yet meaningful ones that have had a big impact on a small number of people.”

“With Purpose and a Pure Heart,

I believe it’s only a Matter of Time.”

As for My Primary Mission of the Day,

staying in the Moment,

I am making this Breanna Plea:

…with sister, Peyton

My Dear Friends…

please take a moment to read this:

My eight-year-old granddaughter, Breanna, has never been able to roll over or sit up by herself, let alone walk. She can’t hold a toy on her own, and even her speech is partially affected. Yet, this beautiful child is a bright, smiling, loving angel, even though she’s been in great pain her entire life.

Breanna’s disability is caused by a rare form of dystonia, and she is one of the youngest in the world on record to be diagnosed with it, with one of the severest cases.

After years of trying every possible way to help Breanna, hope is on the horizon. On Father’s Day, Breanna’s beautiful head of blonde hair is being shaved completely bald (with her hair being donated to Wigs for Kids), and several friends and family members are shaving their heads, too, in support.

Tuesday, June 22,

neurosurgeons at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC

will be implanting a “brain pacemaker.”

This involves surgically implanting electrodes on both sides of her brain, with wires that will go into her chest cavities. On each side of her chest will be battery packs that will be turned on and can be controlled by a mouse, with over 1300 frequencies, almost as if Breanna were a Human Computer.

Naturally, Breanna’s family struggles greatly with the 24/7 care that is involved caring for her, and in this economy, the financial strains have been devastating. So far, they’ve made two trips to NYC for the consults, and with the surgery trip next week, plus four more necessary trips after that, the expenses of traveling, accommodations, food, etc. in New York City is only possible through the generosity of others.

If you can Donate the cost of a latte or a Happy Meal – or whatever you feel moved to do – it would be incredible.

Five dollars is as meaningful as fifty dollars.

Can you please, please help?

If you are moved to do so, please take just two minutes and go to the HELP BREANNA website: http://www.HelpBreanna.com /

You don’t have to be a member of PayPal to use it’s quick, easy and secure services.

HELP Breanna:




And to those of you who take the time to look at Breanna’s website, I love you from the bottom of my heart…

“Please take a moment to check out the website I created for my severely disabled granddaughter…who is at Mt. Sinai right now, prior to brain surgery next month. If you can spare some change to help with the travel expenses – no amount too small – for the next two trips to NYC – I’d be most grateful” NANCY POSTED.

Peace, love and blessings, Nancy

BREANNA: http://www.helpbreanna.com/HelpBreanna/Welcome.html

BREANNA’S WISH: http://www.breannaswish.org/

A Celebration of Women

sends our

Love and Prayers

to this

Amazing Grandma & Matriarch!

angel God bless Pictures, Images and Photos

Nancy, always with Breanna.

A Celebration of Women

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