THE “HAIL MARY SOPHIA” PRAYER Hail Mary Sophia, Daughter of Light, Who Speaks: I am the Handmaid of the Lord, I am the Queen of Peace, I am the Virgin Soul I am the Womb of Divine Love, I am the Voice of Silence, I am the Vessel for the Wisdom of God, I am the Bearer of the Memory of God’s Son. Sophia Blesses us with The Light of Wisdom, The Life of Fulfillment, The Love of Creation. We unite Ourselves with Sophia, We seek Communion in … [Read more...]

WOMAN of ACTION – Mary of Nazareth

        A Celebration of Women   We are Celebrating the Life of the Matriarch to all of Christianity, the Blessed Virgin, Mary. She is honored in many religions as the Mother of Jesus Christ and also named Mary of Nazareth. Her life is a true example of Faith in Action, and our Tribute will focus on the Woman, her trials and tribulations. Believed by many to have been impregnated as a Virgin, while engaged to Joseph, over 2000 years ago, this Woman married afterwards and cared for her … [Read more...]

Mexico Celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe * Belated Blessings

Mexico Celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe December 12 Our Lady of Guadalupe Day is a public holiday in Mexico. The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is on December 12. Our Lady is said to have appeared to Saint Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac, near Mexico City between December 9 and December 12, 1531. The Virgin of Guadalupe is the symbol of the Mexican nation, and during Mexico’s War of Independence, rebel armies would even go to war under flags with the … [Read more...]

Our Lady of the Rosary – Celebrated October 7

Our Lady of the Rosary October 7 TH Our Lady of the Rosary (also Our Lady of the Holy Rosary or Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary) is a title of the Blessed Virgin Mary in relation to the method of prayer known as the rosary, whose origin has been attributed to a Marian apparition to Saint Dominic in 1208 in the church of Prouille. In 1571 Pope Pius V instituted "Our Lady of Victory" as an annual feast to commemorate the victory of Lepanto. The … [Read more...]

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