Mexico Celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe * Belated Blessings

Mexico Celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe

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December 12

Our Lady of Guadalupe Day is a public holiday in Mexico.

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is on December 12.

Our Lady is said to have appeared to Saint Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac, near Mexico City between December 9 and December 12, 1531. The Virgin of Guadalupe is the symbol of the Mexican nation, and during Mexico’s War of Independence, rebel armies would even go to war under flags with the Guadalupan image. Our Lady of Guadalupe is also the patroness of all Americas.

History of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe—Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Spanish—is a famous Marian apparition. The revered image, on display in the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City, appeared by miracle on the front of the cloak of a peasant, Juan Diego, while he was walking on the hill of Tepeyac. Juan Diego was on his way from his village to Mexico City early in the morning of December 9 when he had a vision of a young girl surrounded by light. The lady asked for a church to be built there in her name.

Juan Diego recognized her as the Virgin Mary, and he told the story to the Spanish bishop. The bishop requested that Juan Diego ask the lady for a miraculous sign to prove herself. The Virgin asked Diego to pick up some flowers from the hill, even though it was winter. Diego found roses from Castilla, the native town of the bishop. He picked them up, and the Virgin arranged the roses in his peasant’s cloak. When the roses were presented to the bishop, the image of Our Lady was imprinted on the cloak’s cloth.

The bishop was then very much convinced by the signs, and the chapel was later built on the same spot where Juan Diego saw Our Lady.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

Our Lady of Guadalupe Day is the most important religious holiday in Mexico. On this day people from all over Mexico, and pilgrims from all over the world, travel to the chapel in Tepayac Hill, near Mexico City, to pray and join the celebrations. Colorful fiestas are held in Mexico and Central Americas to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe. People usually pin milagros (“miracles” in English) near the statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe. These milagros are small silver objects shaped like arms, legs, or hearts as symbols of thanks for the cure of the person.

School children enjoy corn cakes and candy sticks while dressed up in local Mexican costumes. Thousands of people arrive to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe by bicycle, trucks, busses, or even walking from miles away. Pilgrimages, processions, fiestas, and special masses are held on this day as people gather around La Morenita, the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is a day that gathers in its deepest essence the roots of Mexico, Catholic Spain, and indigenous Mexico.

A Celebration of Women

sends our belated blessings to all the Women of our World celebrating this day.

God Bless Our Lady of Guadalupe!

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