WOMEN: Men earn 20% more than female equals in Land of Opportunity

Canada is a land of equal opportunity, where women can work and excel in the same jobs as men. Just don't expect them to get paid the same. In fact, Canadian men earn on average 20 per cent more than their female colleagues, one of the largest gender wage gaps in the developed world. What jobs should Canadian women target to beef up their earnings? Here are the ten highest-paying careers for women in the nation, including the rare one where females earn more than their male … [Read more...]

Women News Network – WNN is currently seeking … JOBS!

    Jobs Women News Network – WNN is currently seeking individuals to fill the following positions -   Human Rights / Women’s Rights Journalists WNN is currently seeking staff journalists/correspondents to cover news on global women from East Europa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions on freelance assignments. Correspondents must be based in the region. Our interest is in journalists who are familiar with in-depth feature writing. Journalists are encouraged to provide background facts … [Read more...]

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