MADAGASCAR, training for journalists using a Gender Perspective

Improving professional ethics of Malagasy journalists © UNDP-A dozen editors-in-chief from the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, gathered on 20 May in Antsirabe to participate in the second series of exchanges on professional capacities and ethics of the media within the framework of the electoral process in Madagascar. The main objective of the workshop in Antsirabe is to strengthen professional and ethical capacities of journalists from both print and broadcast platforms. The event … [Read more...]

UN Inter-Agency Meeting – ‘end impunity for attacks against journalists’

'end impunity for attacks against journalists'   United Nations Inter-Agency meeting on 13 September, 2011   (9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m., Room X) Over the past ten years more than 500 journalists and media workers have been assassinated and an even greater number have been injured whilst exercising their professional duties. The vast majority of these attacks did not concern international war correspondents but journalists working in their home countries, often in times of peace, … [Read more...]

Women News Network – WNN is currently seeking … JOBS!

    Jobs Women News Network – WNN is currently seeking individuals to fill the following positions -   Human Rights / Women’s Rights Journalists WNN is currently seeking staff journalists/correspondents to cover news on global women from East Europa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions on freelance assignments. Correspondents must be based in the region. Our interest is in journalists who are familiar with in-depth feature writing. Journalists are encouraged to provide background facts … [Read more...]

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