‘Translating Energy’, leads to Your Life Purpose

Translating Energy Archangel Michael via Daniel Scranton “Translating energy is an art form." You are all receiving energy from the higher realms and from each other. Translating that energy into something that will be of value to yourselves and others enables you to understand better the energy that you receive. It is not about what you receive. It is about what you do with it, how you use it, what purpose you give it. That could be seen as your overall life’s purpose. … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – Indecision

    Make a Decision     Are You struggling with 'in'action?   Is a situation in Your life causing you a moral dilemna? Is a relationship bringing dis-ease with it? Are You lost in the middle of a family crisis? The state of indecision can be and possibly 'is' the worst condition for any woman to be in.   Regardless of how painful it may be, take the time in solitude, listening deeply to your intuition and follow the Guidance that is being … [Read more...]

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