‘Translating Energy’, leads to Your Life Purpose

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Translating Energy

Archangel Michael via Daniel Scranton

“Translating energy is an art form.”

reikihandspic-300x282You are all receiving energy from the higher realms and from each other. Translating that energy into something that will be of value to yourselves and others enables you to understand better the energy that you receive. It is not about what you receive. It is about what you do with it, how you use it, what purpose you give it.

That could be seen as your overall life’s purpose. You are here giving meaning to energy, translating it, transmuting it, and exchanging it. Therefore, see it all as energy, without labels, and then ask yourself, ‘What can I do with this energy to give it meaning, to serve myself and others, and to create something new?’

By letting yourselves create with the energy that you receive, you open the doorway for more. And as you do, you allow yourselves access to a continuous flow. You demonstrate to yourselves that there truly is no shortage. But first you must decide that you want to tap in to this stream of energy that is flowing and that you want to do something with it, that you want to express yourselves and your creativity.

You will find that there is no shortage of ways that energy can be expressed, translated, and given meaning. Think of yourselves as part of that energy. Notice how you can change from one moment to the next. You can make new decisions. You can go places and do things that you’ve never done before.

Re-purposing your energy is part of your transformation process, your ascension. By engaging with it consciously you are guaranteed to enjoy this ride that you are on. It all starts with the moment that you decide that there is more than what you can see, that you have access to it, and that you want to give purpose to the energy that flows.

“We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

This is a strong, concise, timely & valuable message. It’s essential to become adept at managing energy (which requires a disciplined mind) in order to advance to higher densities. Otherwise we’d keep bouncing off of the ceiling of our personal frequency threshold and there we’d stay, wasting energy on frustration rather than using that precious “force” creatively and with purpose. If you’d prefer to hear this than read it, there’s a 2-minute youtube audio at the end of the post. love, W

Thanks to Whitehawk | Energies of Transformation

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