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    A Message From VERONICA   Reincarnational Process   "Many have written to us about the idea of their reincarnational process. It is important for all souls to perceive the value of such a system... each life a gift that constructs the soul's participation in the linear. Since the soul is eternal it is necessary for the dense linear experience to be multifaceted. This is defined by the concept that not every life will be easy or pleasant. We have been queried about these more … [Read more...]

Ginger Katz is Taking Action from Norwalk, USA w. husband Larry !

Larry and Ginger Katz have several gardens at their Norwalk home. One is dedicated to Ian James Eaccarino. Norwalker Ginger Katz, with the support of her husband Larry, wants to raise an army. It is her goal — her wish — to see a battalion of mothers shout out in one singular voice that they will not be silent about the ravages of drug addiction. “Could you imagine if all of the moms who lost a child to addiction got together, how powerful that would be?” Ginger says on her patio … [Read more...]

care2 – Every Child needs a MOM!

Hi A Celebration of Women! No matter who you are or where you live, a mother is vitally important. Your mother not only gives you life, she provides for you, cares for you when you're sick and loves you unconditionally. But more than half a million babies will lose their mothers this year needlessly from poor maternal health care. Support mothers around the world » When it comes to maternal health care the little things matter, especially for women in the developing world, where gender … [Read more...]


The Three Graces, from Sandro Botticelli's painting Primavera in the Uffizi Gallery.    One is the beginning, the creation, the unity. Traditionally the numeral two is associated duality, separation, conflict and is a mythogem of the opposites: Sun and Moon, male and female, life and death, etc. The number three represents unity through overcoming the duality of two by adding one.           … [Read more...]

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