International Youth Day, Young people assess the needs of their peers

International Youth Day has ended and here are some of the thoughts from our YOUTH !   NEW YORK, USA, 11 August 2011 – This week marks the end of the International Year of Youth, a year dedicated to celebrating young people’s achievements as well as creating more opportunities for youth to engage fully in the development of their societies. Although people under 24 represent nearly half of the world’s population, in many countries they often lack freedom, equal opportunities … [Read more...]

UNAIDS , Securing the Future Today

Securing the Future Today Synthesis of Strategic Information on HIV and Young Download PDF English This report shows that global commitments to reverse the AIDS epidemic will be achieved only if the unique needs of young women and men are acknowledged, and their human rights fulfilled, respected, and protected. In order to reduce new HIV infections among young people, achieve the broader equity goals set out in the MDGs, and begin to reverse the overall HIV epidemic, HIV prevention and … [Read more...]

UN Global Update: Innovation‏ – GirlUp at Whitehouse

UN Foundation Board Points to Innovation Twelve of the world's leading voices for global progress and change gathered for the UN Foundation Board of Directors meeting in Norway, June 19-25. Meeting with government, corporate, and nonprofit leaders, the Board worked to build support for UN efforts to improve global health, catalyze innovations in international development, and call for global action on climate change. The trip culminated in a visit to Svalbard, Norway - the world's … [Read more...]

UNFPA – Invest in the Future: Empower Girls Now

            UNFPA Executive Director Babatunde Osotimehin's  remarks at a ministerial meeting hosted by the UN Adolescent Girls Task Force   during the 55th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women.                 Invest in the Future: Empower Girls Now     Good morning. On behalf of the UN Adolescent Girls Task Force, I am delighted to be with you this morning to stress the enormous power and potential of adolescent girls.   UNFPA and UNICEF are co-chairs of the Task … [Read more...]

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