Can diplomacy work with Syria?

International responses to the apparent use of chemical weapons in Syria continue to evolve rapidly. US plans for military intervention are on hold for now as various parties consider a Russian-led proposal-below to place Syria's chemical arsenal under international supervision. My team of Middle East, US and Russia analysts has been covering the Syrian crisis extensively, and we caution that while any non-military route is to be welcomed in principle - given the grave implications of … [Read more...]

Contraception in Tajikistan: Poverty, Religion and Mothers-in-law

KHOVALING, Tajikistan --- “Things were different in my day,” says 70-year-old Tojigul Qurbonova, a mother of ten. “Mothers with a lot of children were showered with benefits and had a good life,” she adds, showing off a ‘Mother Hero’ certificate she was awarded in 1980. In those days, under the Soviet Union, big families were encouraged and supported. Mothers with more than five children were awarded gold medals, apartments, telephones, and received financial help in the form of child … [Read more...]

Partners in law, Brighter futures for Tajikistan’s rural women

For Maksad Nodirova, legal aid has meant more than a financial foothold in rural Tajikistan. It has helped her forge a path through trauma, disempowerment and loss – and emerge both a breadwinner and businesswoman. Like Maksad, Makhfirat Dadaboeva sought help from her local District Task Force to re-enlist in her University studies after three children. The 58-year old mother of five and wife of an ill husband, Maksad worked on cooperative farms for much of her life. She married and … [Read more...]

Jarkyn, a Role Model for Many Rural Women

Jarkyn, a Role Model for Many Rural Women When you see energetic and self-confident Jarkyn Smanalieva rushing from one house to the other calling women for a community meeting in the small mountainous village of Madaniyat east of Bishkek, you would never guess that only three years ago she was an exhausted mother of four. When you see energetic and self-confident Jarkyn Smanalieva rushing from one house to the other calling women for a community meeting in the small mountainous … [Read more...]

WORLD PULSE LIVE 2012 – Meet the Correspondents

September 20 – October 9, 2012   JOIN US in welcoming World Pulse’s award-winning citizen journalists as they inspire audiences across the nation. This fall, three amazing women representing the energy and power of the World Pulse community will come to the US for the first time to lift their voices. These grassroots leaders will reveal how they are using the power of new media and technology to change lives and create solutions on the front lines of today’s most pressing … [Read more...]

Celebrate Ramadan, send an e-Card

Ramadan eCards Peace Iftar Ramadan Moon All Care2 Ramadan eCards » Birthday Cards Mariachi New Gnomes Garage Band Rockin' Birthday Box Sequence Cakeapult Candles View all Care2 Birthday Cards » Help keep Care2 eCards FREE by supporting great causes! Our Government Isn't Just for the Super Wealthy! A Romney donor who attended a fundraiser by the Koch brothers recently said, "I just … [Read more...]

ARMENIA: “Gender inequality is unjust, unintelligent and expensive.” ???

GENDER EQUALITY IN ARMENIA: A PERCEIVED NEED OR IMPOSED CONDITIONALITY? “Gender inequality is unjust, unintelligent and expensive.” Terry Davis, former Secretary-General of the Council of Europe While the Soviet Union spearheaded, at least ideologically, what can be seen as a campaign-turned-policy of ‘State feminism’, proclaimed equality between the sexes and time and again took the lead in expanding social, economic and cultural rights of and opportunities for women, the overall … [Read more...]

What will the next generation say you did to end HIV in Women & Children?

The GLOBAL PLAN   We are at a turning point for delivering on the promise to end child and maternal mortality and improve health – marked by bold new commitments. This strategic framework supports one such commitment, the 'Global Plan Towards the Elimination of New HIV Infections among Children by 2015 and Keeping their Mothers Alive'. It offers guidance for preventing HIV infections and unintended pregnancies – both essential strategies for improving maternal and child health, and … [Read more...]

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