WORLD PULSE LIVE 2012 – Meet the Correspondents

September 20 – October 9, 2012

JOIN US in welcoming World Pulse’s award-winning citizen journalists as they inspire audiences across the nation.

This fall, three amazing women representing the energy and power of the World Pulse community will come to the US for the first time to lift their voices.

These grassroots leaders will reveal how they are using the power of new media and technology to change lives and create solutions on the front lines of today’s most pressing issues.

We invite you to come together for an unforgettable experience and celebrate the rising movement of women transforming our world.

MEET the Correspondents



Connect with Neema
Neema Namadamu
DR Congo
“I don’t want to make a little noise—I want to change the paradigm!”

Afflicted by polio since the age of two, Neema grew up in the Eastern Congo, a region ravaged by an epidemic of sexual violence and war.

Today she is an outspoken, tech-savvy woman mobilizing and empowering scores of women, including women with disabilities, to change the future of her nation. A determined visionary, she is also pushing to establish a national communication network to better connect rural Congolese people to the world.

EXPERTISE: Disabled Rights, Environmental Protection, Peace Building in Conflict, Indigenous Rights, Internet Communications Technology



Connect with Hummingbird
“It is never too late to stop the damage. Together we can save the children of Syria.”

As her country sinks into deepening violence and family members disappear, Hummingbird has broken through fear to find her voice.

A member of Syria’s Kurdish minority, she calls for an end to the horrors of a war where children are massacred in the streets by government forces. Her dream is to use digital media to transform Syria by unleashing women’s concealed aspirations and wisdom to awaken the world to alternate paths to the nightmare unfolding across her country.

EXPERTISE: Human Rights, Digital Media, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Ethnic Minority Rights



Connect with Stella
Stella Paul
“The women of India are a rising army of change makers, taking microloans to buy cell phones and start businesses, and fighting displacement, corruption, and environmental degradation.”

Growing up in impoverished Northeast India, Stella barely survived as an unwanted girl child.

Now, braving kidnappings and threats, she is telling the stories of marginalized women to a world audience and training women to find their voices and tell their own stories. For her, community-based media and citizen journalism are transformational keys to ending women’s inequality.

EXPERTISE: Climate Change, Food Security, Sustainable Development, Rural Empowerment, Conflict, Appropriate Technology, and Innovation

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