Inspiring Women Singers from Three Generations

Great music has always had the power to move the soul as well as the feet, and since modern music began, women singers and musicians have been at the very heart of it. Some singers have also transcended the consumerist nature of 'pop' and used their music to spread a positive message, and legends such as Nina Simone have become known for their message as well as their music. Nina's legacy is still relevant and still growing, as we see with these three inspiring women singers who first found fame … [Read more...]

WOMAN of ACTION™ – Lola Spriggs

A Celebration of Women™ is honored to Celebrate the Life and Courage of yet another amazing Woman, Lola Spriggs, a single mother who followed her Dreams. She’s a Single Mother of a teenage son and business consultant by day, and recently decided to shift gears and pursue her true passion for music (while still working her full time job and raising her son). Truly, this Woman is an Inspiration that one should 'never, never, never give up' and that 'everything is possible'. Rising … [Read more...]

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