Inspiring Women Singers from Three Generations

Great music has always had the power to move the soul as well as the feet, and since modern music began, women singers and musicians have been at the very heart of it. Some singers have also transcended the consumerist nature of ‘pop’ and used their music to spread a positive message, and legends such as Nina Simone have become known for their message as well as their music. Nina’s legacy is still relevant and still growing, as we see with these three inspiring women singers who first found fame in the 60s, 80s and 90s and are still going strong today.

Dolly Parton

It’s been said that there’s only one thing that unites all the people of Tennessee: they’d lay down their life to protect Dolly Parton. Rich and poor, all races and genders alike, Dolly has become a state icon, but is also a worthy role model for women across America. She has become famed for her ebullient style and her perfect country and western vocals, but for decades her songs have embraced women’s rights and the need for women to take control of their own lives as in her 1968 song ‘Just Because I’m A Woman’. Dolly has also transcended music and become a hugely successful businesswoman. Her estimated wealth of over half a billion dollars places her third in the list of richest female singers on, showing the results of her hard work, intellect and talent.


Born Madonna Louise Cicconi in Michigan in 1958, a move to New York city twenty years later changed her life, and the world of popular music, forever. Madonna’s music has always been as infectious as it is brilliant, and she is now the ageless Queen of Pop and a global fashion and cultural icon, forever reinventing herself. Madonna exudes confidence, and it is that that has inspired women to believe in themselves and chase their dream for more than thirty years now. Madonna has also spoken openly about the bullying and sexism she has faced, most famously at the 2016 Billboard Awards as she received the ‘Woman of the Year’ trophy.


Like Madonna before her, just the first name of this woman is instantly recognizable in every corner of the planet, and also like Madonna, Beyoncé has transcended the world of music to become so much more. Her career goes from strength to strength, and she has used her visibility and power to speak out on some of the most essential issues facing women and people of color today. One inspiring example is her tireless work for the Survivor Foundation that she formed to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, and which has since expanded to provide essential help to low income families in New Orleans and beyond.

Dolly Parton, Madonna and Beyoncé have achieved a huge number of hits between them, and accrued fabulous wealth in the process, but their inspirational qualities are even more important. Girls and women across the globe have looked to these stars and realized that they too have a right to happiness, a right to equal treatment, and a right to chase their dream and make the most of their talents. These are the rightful successors to Nina Simone, and their works as well as words will long be remembered.

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