ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…Neptune in Pisces.

Pisces! We start the week with Mercury, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. By the end of the week, the Sun and Moon will also be in Pisces. This constitutes water as far as the eye can see and then some. People will think (Mercury) about the ethereal (Pisces). They may get ideas or information from nebulous sources. You know how some people say things like, "That's God talkin'." It's that kind of week. Knowledge is divine or at least it seems that way. This influence peaks on Tuesday the 21st, … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…Valentine’s Day

Thursday is interesting. We've got a calming grand trine in earth signs up against Venus conjunct Uranus squaring Pluto.. The latter is sure to cause disruption and eruption in relationships with alarming alacrity in many cases. I can only conclude that the shocks will come but people will weather them well, thanks to the trine. Friday the Moon in Libra opposes Venus and Uranus in Aries. If you find yourself fighting with your partner, give them some space or take some yourself and this may … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…Relationships and interactions

Venus in Pisces opposes Mars in Virgo all week long which puts people at odds. Relationships and interactions of all kinds (Venus) are hotted up (Mars). Expect to see people fight and challenge each other, left and right. Don't expect to be clear on who the victim (Pisces) is because some people attack or get what they want (Mars) by feigning injury. Anyway you turn it, this is going to be irritating, particularly for people who have planets between 15-23 degrees in the mutable (Gemini, … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – …’virtually impossible to avoid growth and learning’.

Expect to be fascinated heading into the weekend. We've got Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius and Jupiter in tight opposition to Saturn. With all this going on, it's going to be virtually impossible to avoid growth and learning. Specifically, you can expect veils to be lifted and rocks to be upturned. You can expect to marry your intellect with your subconscious (Mercury Pluto) - this is rich stuff! You may run across truth that is substantial or … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…a week of surprises!

This is a demanding week so I'm going break it down, day by day as well as offer coping strategies where applicable. Thursday, we have a focus on the cardinal signs along with a fixed T-square which describes a stubborn boss. Realize when you go up against the boss you tend to lose, if not immediately, then at some point down the road. If you are the stubborn boss, you might ease up on people because these things come back around. Friday is easier. It's a good day for a date, especially … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…Monday’s Full Moon In Pisces‏

FULL MOON IN PICSES The moon is full in Pisces on Monday and we have a stimulating week on tap. Although there is still a lot of focus on the earth signs this week, people are liable to be more agitated and less compliant than they were a week ago, simply because there is so much going on. Heading into the weekend, the focus is on the intellect. With the moon in Aquarius and a stellium in Virgo, you can think in terms of a science experiment but not around something usual and clinical. … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…

This is an extraordinary week.   When life is this complex, I think it's helpful to look at the big picture rather than analyze every detail. It's not that details don't matter because they certainly do. If you wonder about this, just consider the Space Shuttle Challenger that exploded, killing seven people due an O-ring seal.   So yes, minutiae matters. But we have a notable situation this week in that we have six planets in the Saturn-ruled signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.   This reminds me … [Read more...]

ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide…

The days are rich, heading into the weekend. There are times when you've got to make something with nothing but lemons or a few bits of string but Thursday and Friday give us plenty to work with.   Depth, breadth, intuition, intellect.   It's all there, and all high functioning and accessible. To make this even more delicious, Uranus is involved so there is a random quality that the mutable signs love as they can't wait to adapt anyway.   Saturday is perfect for running errands. It's not about … [Read more...]

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