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This is an extraordinary week.

When life is this complex, I think it’s helpful to look at the big picture rather than analyze every detail. It’s not that details don’t matter because they certainly do. If you wonder about this, just consider the Space Shuttle Challenger that exploded, killing seven people due an O-ring seal.
So yes, minutiae matters. But we have a notable situation this week in that we have six planets in the Saturn-ruled signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.
This reminds me of playing jacks when I was a kid. You want to pick up as many jacks as possible and with the sky set up this way, you can manage much of it simply by minding Saturn in Libra principles.

Basically this means, play well with others!

Be fair, honor your agreements, invest in relationships with people who support you, have good boundaries, etc. If you can do this, you’ll be way, way, way ahead of the game.
Now with that as an anchor, there are some other things to consider. The Sun and Mars are conjunct in Aquarius. This is some white-hot anger that is bound to erupt. If it is erupting inside of you, look for an outlet. Physical exertion works well. Exercise or sex for example.
That energy is visible and overt but we’ve also got a Venus Pluto conjunction this week which describes a woman who is stealthy like a fox. We’re talking betrayal on the love front but also power brokering and big money deals.
You can read more about this on the Transit Watch here, but the short version is that things are happening underfoot.
This is nothing to be afraid of. It’s something we all know anyway and the best way to protect yourself is outlined above. Bottom line: Shore up your relationships with people you can rely on and stop investing in lost causes.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P


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