Louise Hay – WOMAN of ACTION™

  A Celebration of Women™ is honored to Celebrate the Life of this pure example of Faith in Action. We send our blessings of JOY and PEACE. Beginning her Journey at a time when the rest of the world could barely spell the word "thought", this woman was devoting her time to the investigations and proof by example, that our 'Our Thoughts Create our Life'.   Awakening after great struggles in her personal life; this Woman never gave up, only searched more diligently for her own Truth.  … [Read more...]

INSPIRATIONAL – Divine Grace, I AM Adagio

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ISHITA MEHTA – Storyteller: Come Grace Me

      Come Grace me...   An understanding of depth of my existence Visit, and revisiting all over again Teach me if it be in the power I seek the reality of truth The light to read my mind Gazing in abyss at the end of the tunnel Enlighten me if it be in thy power I despise the bondage of conformity And I shall ever bless my destiny My soul soaring, holding to roar Footloose me if it be in the power I take the path to unknown from here To the quest of my purpose I am strolling deep into my … [Read more...]

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