Does Life have to Be So Hard?, Shirlee Hall

Ever since I could read the printed word and carefully listened to religious teachers and philosophers expound on how they interpret universal law, creation and alchemy, I have always asked myself whether they know the Sublime firsthand. Humanity has been repeatedly impacted with rules, regulations and tedious suggestions on how to attain enlightenment. Could interpretations actually be a ‘back door’ method? According to ancient and current thinking, Pure Awareness, Christ or Buddhic … [Read more...]

Karma – Take Action to understand it’s value.

Karma, an elusive tool in this life Taking responsibility to self, for self and by oneself is is a pure statement of awakening to self and will lead the one taking this action into the authenticity in life that the Women of our World want to experience. The embracing of every moment in this life, offering only positive support and no Judgment has only Joy to give the Giver. Through the process of self forgiveness, one is UN-emcumbered with the weight of UN-certainty that blame carries. … [Read more...]


LOVE PLAN FOR PERSONAL FREEDOM Do you desire to be free and divinely inspired by the Beloved within? The following are some tried and true suggestions that will help~ 1. Do not give your will away to mediums, friends, relatives or strangers. 2. Make a plan for life according to the guidance of your Intuitive Voice. 3. When you pray, contemplate and meditate, ask for pure guidance from the Beloved Teacher within. 4. Recognize that you are on earth to live the … [Read more...]

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