Karma – Take Action to understand it’s value.

Karma, an elusive tool in this life

Taking responsibility to self, for self and by oneself is is a pure statement of awakening to self and will lead the one taking this action into the authenticity in life that the Women of our World want to experience. The embracing of every moment in this life, offering only positive support and no Judgment has only Joy to give the Giver. Through the process of self forgiveness, one is UN-emcumbered with the weight of UN-certainty that blame carries. Ergo, the saying “Lighten Up!”

It will always be through this process that one will live life to the farthest extreme and fullest purpose, to ‘clean up the wreckage of our past-lives’, if you will. The spiritual axiom to the ‘letting go’ of the blame and the habit towards the tranference of responsiblity for the events in one’s life is that life just gets so much easier, less complicated, and so much more fulfilling. Our UN-certainty of our own purpose disappates into thin air, as we no longer have the energy, interest or time to worry whether our faith is UN-correct, for the Joy we experiences through the process overwhelms our hearts, making all just BE right.

As time goes on, you will realize that being ‘on edge’ is a message and not a problem.

That state of ‘on edge’ is caused by the imbalance in ones own karmatic flow chart i.e. taking the wrong job, even when it pays three times as much and it will lead you to meeting wonderful people that will never help your ‘spirit elevate’ in this lifetime. Ergo, you will waste time in that realm/place/space with those people/souls/spirits. So, if you persist and take a place in that environment, all the baggage you collect while being there, is your cause for it was your choice to “do things the hard way” by being in a space and time that is not necessary to your own personal growth of spirit.

Living is this state of Bliss takes great vigilance and more practice; daily effort. I am a true believer that the Universe [God, Jesus, Allah, Mohammad, or whatever you name your Higher Power] is only a Loving Force that wants our spirits to unite as one, enabling all to raise up and come home [for lack of better phrases], that it is through the process of Self-Love individually that this great achievement or Genesis will happen universally.

As every other human living on this human plane, Joy or Peace is perhaps not our immediate and instant comfortable state of being, (think of yourself as a visitor in a strange country); yet, always remember that YOU paid Your Way here, have a complete entitlement and job here.  Therefore, in a collective conscience, we all have the duty to BE at peace with ourselves for the sake of all.  Perhaps, this practice of selflessness could be a useful guide; as that too is a state that the human plane does not seem to live in naturally, ergo, make it a game, a habit, an action.  BE selfless by only following a path that ‘feels’ peaceful to your inner vibrations.  When you start to sweat, ‘get out of the kitchen’, as you are in the wrong temperature for your own personal roast.

Now, don’t kid yourself either, there are Karmatic relationships that DO make you sweat; but, not in the way of kitchen.  There are lessons to be learned in this life for your own elevation.  Some people that come into our lives will challenge, argue, etc.  The difference that one must look for is that these people never, never really affect your inner being, they aggravate your outer being….and, with these souls (the ones meant to be in our path) they will always make you feel safe.  You may get angry through some of the challenges – don’t mix that up with ‘on edge’.

The Kicker is that until your assignment here is done, YOU will remain here, in one form or another.


A Celebration of Women – Anonymous.

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