LOVE PLAN FOR PERSONAL FREEDOM Do you desire to be free and divinely inspired by the Beloved within? The following are some tried and true suggestions that will help~ 1. Do not give your will away to mediums, friends, relatives or strangers. 2. Make a plan for life according to the guidance of your Intuitive Voice. 3. When you pray, contemplate and meditate, ask for pure guidance from the Beloved Teacher within. 4. Recognize that you are on earth to live the … [Read more...]

Divine Love (Guided Meditation)

  Let the light in open your heart to a new infusion of Divine love. Trust in God and this will be an exciting time in your life. Embrace the changes,  flow with the current of Divine Love as everything will work out.  ****************************************** Power of Success through Divine Love is a guided meditation helping to discover the power from within to create great success in your life.    Video Online Only           … [Read more...]

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