Relationships, ‘The First Thing to Say to a Friend in Need’

Well, that sucks. That’s the very first place to start. Sympathy is a healer, it coagulates the bleeding. Well, that sucks. It won’t drag them down if you validate their pain. It doesn’t mean you condone how they got into the pickle, or the fact that they may be bitching about the same chump after seven years, or that they done gone did it again — or any of that fairly useless judgement and assessing. Just nod, and say, 'Well, that sucks'. Do not immediately tell them that: • … [Read more...]

VERONICA – ‘The Force of Your Energy’

The Force of Your Energy "Upon awakening each day attempt to view it as a new opportunity to be you."   Yesterday is now the past. All the mishaps and dramas are etched into memory. Your present moment is what there is to work with. Decide that the 'force of your energy' is a formidable one. No matter who may have told you differently, or how events may have played out, it is true. Realigning your perspective of yourself can be difficult, but if there is focus and … [Read more...] Jennie Anderson is Looking Back on 2010…so to Plan for 2011

      Which of our Blog Posts and Videos Do YOU View? Looking Back at 2010   As the blog's fourth year begins, we at are taking time to reflect on 2010 and look to the year ahead. As we continue to integrate monitoring and evaluation into our work, we thought that the New Year provided a nice benchmark to look more closely at our blog. For us, the blog is a space to bring together information from across the project, whether it's examples of using social media tools … [Read more...]

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