VERONICA – ‘The Force of Your Energy’

The Force of Your Energy

“Upon awakening each day attempt to view it as a new opportunity to be you.”


Yesterday is now the past. All the mishaps and dramas are etched into memory. Your present moment is what there is to work with. Decide that the ‘force of your energy’ is a formidable one. No matter who may have told you differently, or how events may have played out, it is true.

Realigning your perspective of yourself can be difficult, but if there is focus and determination, it is achievable.

Begin today to honor the force of your energy. Encourage it to blossom. All of you are souls having a linear experience. Therefore your energy can achieve anything.

Redirect your self from negative opinions, participations, and dramas. Actively choose to remove yourself. Of course you may be knee deep in the muck and mire, but begin the process of freeing yourself.

The journey was intended to be a powerful one. You would not have arrived unprepared. There is simply a disconnect at the moment. Concentrate on you. See the truth in all situations while embracing your abilities.

Yes, it may be slow progress at first. Being knee deep in the mud usually is. However, by calling upon your inner force, you eventually will be free.

Free to be you.

Free to pursue your intentions.

Free to embrace life positively.

Start now.

Recognize the force of your energy.

It is a good place to begin.”

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