Black Girls Ignite Africa – Award Dinner & 2 Day Workshop – Sept 29/30th

      BLACK GIRLS IGNITE Africa! Inc. is dedicated to the empowerment, encouragement, celebration and healthy development of young and older African women and girls. We are also dedicated to empowering and honouring exceptional girls and women around Africa who stand as inspirational and positive role models; also empowering women across the globe, BLACK GIRLS IGNITE Africa!   September 29th-30th 2012 Location: Avenue Banquet 1600 Steeles Avenue WEst Concord, On … [Read more...]

Celebrating WOMEN of ACTION™ B.T.N. Event!

  Celebrating the WOMEN of ACTION™  B.T.N. Event! ...memoires of August 23, 2012   Women just arriving and settling in with a little bit to bite ... :)   The awesome Randi Goodman, all set to register with a smile !!!   ... a couple of happy campers !!!    WOMAN of ACTION™ - Randi Goodman  here with Jocelyn Midghall.     WOMAN of ACTION™ - Abby Obosa and her gals from Ignite Black Girl of Africa .... with their motto: … [Read more...]

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