Celebrating WOMEN of ACTION™ B.T.N. Event!


Celebrating the WOMEN of ACTION™  B.T.N. Event!

…memoires of August 23, 2012


Women just arriving and settling in with a little bit to bite … 🙂


The awesome Randi Goodman, all set to register with a smile !!!


… a couple of happy campers !!!


 WOMAN of ACTION™ – Randi Goodman  here with Jocelyn Midghall.



WOMAN of ACTION™ – Abby Obosa and her gals from Ignite Black Girl of Africa

…. with their motto:

“Women’s empowerment is not just a nice thing to do, but a necessity”.


 Randi now sharing on the importance of

 “Building Strong Business Relationships”


WOMAN of ACTION™  – Sharon Love  was stellar,

“Four Gold Keys to Inspiring 2.2 Million Online”

and soon has the room in a meditation state of peace

releasing all negative energy!


Andrew Greig is warmly received and is so filled with key Google + information’

that he has the staff eavesdropping from the side … 🙂  

They all thanked us at the end of the evening, as well !!!


Catherine Anne’s daughter, Christina joins in for this event; even as it was her 20th birthday!!!


Dr. Sharifa Sharif, Kate Unger (middle) and Sherry Wilson

are deeply engaged in exchange and sharing.



WOMAN of ACTION™  –  Dr. Sharifa Sharif Ph.D., 



Celebrating the Winners with our women here are a mother and daughter team of women leaders;

Afrooz Milani ( TD Investments) and Zohreh Bakhtiar (RBC Insurance).


Here we have, Sharon Babineau,  a DOOR PRIZE WINNER !!!



…another Happy Winner !!!



… and thanks to a wonderful photographer, Najeeb Sumrani, PhotoCreation

those of us that stayed late enough were gifted a photo session!

Call: 647 891-2367


Making fun memories are an integral part to empowering oneself,

and others along the way …

building lasting friendships are key to the Joy in your Life. 


Brava to all the women of our world for Taking Action,

joining us this great evening of fun, learning and networking!


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