Sandra M. Thomas – WOMAN of ACTION™

  A Celebration of Women™  is honored to Celebrate the Life of this Amazing Woman that devotes her Life to helping Women, and Teens with Self Esteem, Positive Transformations and Enlightenment, enabling them to reach their Highest, Divine self.     WOMAN of ACTION™      Sandra M. Thomas   Sandra, of Cleveland, Ohio, is a life coach, writer, speaker, and an entrepreneur. She has studied psychology, sociology, metaphysics, communications and the laws … [Read more...]


Transformation is... when a person radically changes into a new person, unrecognizable from the old self. Women of our World, the butterfly represents the new YOU, as the pebble has dropped into an ocean of New Living. ....fear not CHANGE. Sacred Dove Lodge AN AROUND THE WORLD LIFE ENHANCEMENT MINISTRY The intent and purpose of the Sacred Dove Lodge is to create a special place to make your prayer request and to help you in the areas of faith, hope and … [Read more...]

US Aims to Empower World’s Women Farmers

  U.S. aid officials are launching a new way to measure whether their efforts to empower women farmers are working. Women make up nearly half the agricultural workforce in sub-Saharan Africa and East and Southeast Asia, but women’s farm production tends to lag behind their male counterparts. Women face a number of obstacles that men do not. They tend to own less land and have fewer rights to that land. They have less access to credit and training. And they have less input in … [Read more...]

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