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is honored to Celebrate the Life of this Amazing Woman that devotes her Life to helping Women, and Teens with Self Esteem, Positive Transformations and Enlightenment, enabling them to reach their Highest, Divine self.






Sandra M. Thomas


Sandra, of Cleveland, Ohio, is a life coach, writer, speaker, and an entrepreneur.

She has studied psychology, sociology, metaphysics, communications and the laws of attraction.

Sandra conducts seminars for teens and women on her website and in the Cleveland area. She has a passion to teach others (especially women) how to maintain loving and healthy relationships.


RMT offers:

My Photos | Why you should become more positive? To change your life. | RMT & ASSOCIATES


A self- awareness guide for teens and women

Why you should become more positive?

To change your life.

Your thoughts create your reality.

Connecting with yourself can turn your dreams into reality.

RMT & Associates, LLC’s

Mission is to help teens and women optimize individual growth by improving and evolving.

You are not alone.

Take the First Step and join the Revolution for Positive Change.
She has three teenaged children aged 14, 16, and 19.

Smiles all around…..the Power of Positive thinking… 

Sandra’s efforts, hard work

and loads of love are

Manifesting at Home,

this coming June 2010!


Lil Angel at 2


when her daughter is to be…


~~~ inducted into the

Honor Society

of ECOT, June 2010!

Congratulations, Mother!




The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) is a community/charter school based in Columbus, Ohio, USA. It is sponsored by the Lucas County Educational Service Center (LCESC) in Toledo, in accordance with chapter 3314 of the Ohio Revised Code. 

Students perform their work either via computers which already they own, or which are supplied to them by the school. Work is performed online via secure intranet connections. 

ECOT was founded in 2000 by William “Bill” Lager, under an agreement with the Lucas County Educational Service Center; and it is managed by his company, Altair Learning Management (IQity). 

Under Ohio law, “community schools” are independent public schools that offer school choice to parents, students and teachers. They are accountable to the public by a contract with a sponsor, such as a school district, or theOhio Department of Education (ODE). In ECOT’s case, the school is accountable to LCESC and its publicly-elected Board. Community schools cannot charge tuition and must follow all laws pertaining to health, public safety and civil rights. 

Students are required to take state-mandated proficiency/achievement tests, and other examinations prescribed by law. Students are required to pass the Ohio Graduation Test to receive a diploma. 

Technically speaking, ECOT is not a “home schooling” program. It is a public community school, subject to all the laws and regulations thereof. (See the ODE website for more detailed information regarding home schooling in the state of Ohio.) 

Students are expected to attend classes online for 25 hours per week during the school year, comparable to the time which students in “brick-and-mortar” schools are also expected to attend. Attendance need not adhere to traditional time conventions however; Affording flexibility to students and families not typically available in traditional educational settings.

Sandra’s favorite quote is spoken by

one of our favorite Visionaries

of Modern Time:

You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being — not because anybody says so, not because you’re successful, not because you make a lot of money — but because you decide to believe it and for no other reason.”

Knowledge is the key… owe it to yourself.


“There is an insidious plague sweeping the human population. It kills slowly but you can see its effects all around us…every time you turn on the TV, read the news, or just sit down on a bench and people watch. We are all sitting back and watching while our children are being decimated by this catastrophic virus. But there’s good news, the cure is easily accessible and free…just takes a little work to get to it. Most adults are too set in their ways to accept the cure, but it’s not too late for the children. If you have any children in your life, please do not let them go one more day without the cure. What’s the disease? Ignorance. The cure…knowledge. Don’t let these kids grow up to be idiots like their parents who vote for other idiots to govern them and work for companies run by idiots. Read a book, share knowledge, save lives.”  #LearnForLife






A Celebration of Women™ 

is honored to


Celebrate the Successes

of this


Single Mother!




Brava Sandra!



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