“Fun Mementos to Record During Pregnancy”

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pregbrocYou know all about the basic milestones to record during pregnancy – when you found out you were pregnant, the first time you heard the baby’s heartbeat, when you first started feeling the baby kick – but there are a whole lot of fun things you encounter on a day to day basis that make each pregnancy unique. These things are things that can take you back to a particular moment during pregnancy years down the road, and are fun to document in your baby’s online journal. As you go through your pregnancy, make notes of these things.

  • What foods you’re craving:Pregnancy has the unique ability to bring out some really bizarre food cravings. Foods that you may never have eaten pre-pregnancy suddenly seem like the only thing you can think about, and it’s different for every woman and every pregnancy. Women who haven’t eaten macaroni and cheese since their childhood days find that can’t get enough of it during pregnancy, vegetarians have suddenly decided that they have to have meat and people who would never think of touching olives find they now want them with just about every meal. Make note of these funny food quirks as you navigate through your pregnancy.


  • What foods you can’t stand the sight of: Just like the foods that you’re suddenly craving, there are foods that you inexplicably won’t be able to stand the sight of anymore. You may have eaten a salad every day for lunch pre-pregnancy, only to find that the mere thought of it is enough to make your stomach turn during. Post-pregnancy you may return to eating these foods like you never missed a day or you may never touch them again. Regardless, it’s fun to look back about what you suddenly couldn’t bear to be around.


  • The #1 hits on the radio: Hearing certain songs will always have the ability to transport people to another time and place, and there will inevitably be popular songs during your pregnancy that will immediately bring you back to this special time with your unborn child. Years later you may hear an old hit on the radio and find yourself smiling as you remember exactly how far along you were with your baby when that song came out, and it’s fun to share these memories with your child in their online baby book.


  • Baby dreams you had: Nearly every expecting mother will have vivid dreams about her baby long before she enters the world, and will wake up wondering if that’s what her unborn child is going to look like and if her personality will match that of the baby in her dream. Keeping a log of these dreams to include in your online journal is a great way to remember what you dreamed your baby would be like, and see if it’s how she actually turned out. Plus, some baby dreams are so bizarre and funny that they have to be documented!


  • Different baby names you considered: You and your partner will inevitably go through entire lists of baby names trying to find the perfect one – and you may even think you have the perfect name only to change it at the last minute. Keep a record of the different names you seriously considered. While you may be considering naming your son Garrett before you have him, this could be laughable once he’s born and you know that no name will suit him better than Sam.


  • Notable things you did during each season of pregnancy: During each season you go through while you’re pregnant keep a list of the different things you did. Did you and your partner take baby along on a fun camping trip in the fall before she was born? Did you run a half marathon and bring baby along for the ride during the summer? Did you spend all of your days in the park during the spring? There are likely several notable things you did with your baby before she was born that are worth writing down and remembering, so make sure you take pictures and document them in your online journal!

Your online baby journal is a place to record anything and everything you did with your baby throughout pregnancy, so don’t stick to just the basics. Keep a record of all the things that make your pregnancy unique – these are the things that your child will love to read about years down the road and that you’ll love to reminisce over.

Thanks to Theresa Blecher

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