“25 Blogs Touting the Health Benefits of Papaya”


papayasPapayas are large, oval fruits with a yellowish-green skin and green or orange flesh inside, depending on their ripeness. The entire fruit is edible, though people typically eat the orange flesh only. These fruits are available year-round, however they’re more popular in the summer than in other months. There are many health benefits you can gain from eating papayas, so much so that the fruit is even considered a super food.

To learn about the health benefits of papayas, take a look at these 25 blog articles.


Papayas aren’t just for eating – you can also use them to beautify your skin! The juices in a papaya, when used in a facial max, help fight acne and other skin problems. In addition, adding it to a facial scrub will help you dissolve dead skin cells and make your skin glow. These five blog posts will explain how you can use papaya for achieving beautiful skin.


By using papayas on your scalp, you can moisturize it and rid it of dandruff flakes.  The enzymes present in papaya juice can also remove impurities from your scalp, promoting hair growth and making your hair healthier.  By mixing papaya with honey you can create a mask to treat your hair that will make your hair feel softer and appear shinier.  To learn more about papayas and how they benefit hair health, read these five blog entries.


There are a number of vitamins and minerals you consume when eating papayas that help the body. When men eat papaya they are also getting the added benefit of an enzyme called arginine, which helps increase blood flow to the penis.  Medications that treat erectile dysfunction use a higher level of the same enzyme.  Check out these five blog articles to discover more about this topic.

Heart Health

The antioxidants in papayas prevent cholesterol from sticking to the arteries. Plaque, which builds on the artery walls and causes heart attacks, comes from oxidized cholesterol. By eating papayas you can reduce the chances of heart disease and heart attacks. There are more benefits that you can learn about if you read these five blog posts.


Both green and ripe papayas contain beneficial enzymes that aid in the digestion of proteins in the body. Eating green papaya gives you a higher concentration of papain, which is the enzyme that aids in digestion.  If you eat green papayas on an empty stomach, the papain will be less likely to be diluted with hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) and be able to do more in your body.  Take a look at these five blog entries to learn more about papayas and digestive health.

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