SPECIAL NOTE FROM DORIS: "My name is Doris Parreno and I am realtor, investor and investor agent. I have training from the Mike Ferry, Tom Ferry, Matthew Ferry, Richard Robbins, Chris Leader, Kyosaki organization, Trump organization, Marcus Group and the top real estate sales trainer in the US. I have been an investor for over 25 yrs and selling for 12 yrs. After two decades of investigation, experiences, and creating street tested formulas, I have perfected the methodology behind my … [Read more...]

Sacred Breath Workshop – Sept 21 in DownersGrove, IL.

FRIDAY, SEPT 21, 2012 7 PM $55 SOHMAR MASSAGE SCHOOL DOWNERS GROVE, IL.     We may take amazing classes and feel our life is changing. Wonderful! But...there is something much more vital than taking a class or reading a book. Do you understand why I do not advertise except for the few mentioned above? Do you really understand why each workshop has its own current? Great transformations DO NOT take place in our conscious mind, they are brought about by the … [Read more...]

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