Sacred Breath Workshop – Sept 21 in DownersGrove, IL.

FRIDAY, SEPT 21, 2012

7 PM






We may take amazing classes and feel our life is changing.


But…there is something much more vital than taking a class or reading a book.

  • Do you understand why I do not advertise except for the few mentioned above?
  • Do you really understand why each workshop has its own current?

Great transformations DO NOT take place in our conscious mind, they are brought about by the subconscious. That is why the serious seeker must go down into his own subconscious when he/she wants to realize something, and deposit the image of what is desired. If this is not accomplished, even if the mind does realize the desire eventually, it will take much more time.


This is why I also am offering the ancient Egyptian classes on the 9 Lenses during our monthly Sunday afternoon class. We are not only influenced by our current family and friends but programmed by generations past, race memory and yes, the collective animal soul. The astral bodies continue to exist of all animals, not only prehistoric ones and they live in man’s subconscious.

This is why some serious students regularly attend our breath healing workshops because there are thousands of years behind our energetic fields whether we want to accept the truth of this or not. Each division of what we call man, even if we simplify an individual by mental body (mind), astral body (heart) and the physical body (will) has its own program and density.

Our Sacred Breath Workshops offer everything from ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, Christian and other influences to cover as many areas as possible because in the past we have experienced ALL of them.

Everything is recorded in the subconscious. It takes a lot of time for a thought to make its influence felt by the physical body…for good or evil. There is a universal law of the materialization of thought and it explains you current life and the issues you must face.

So…our monthly Friday night breath workshops are a giant step in helping everyone materialize a divine idea. We link ourselves with the higher spirits in the world of Light. If you know a soul who is ready for this step, save this email not only as a reminder for your self but share it. More souls are ready to awaken and will require direct experience with the invisible worlds and luminous beings.

Mention of these higher energetic offerings are not advertised except to a few. Everyone needs the right equipment. The subconscious is a vast region compared to ocean depths. We find the right equipment in the regions above the conscious and the self conscious, in the super conscious.

This coming Friday, the energy will be shared from the Kabalistic energy. Shin, the spiritual name given to me from the subtle worlds of Light stands for physical mastery and spiritual peace. In Kabalistic terms its three pillars can be said to represent, on the right, the Wisdom of the Father Principle, on the left, the Understanding of the Mother Principle, with the central pillar embodying the qualities of both to create the culminating point of the the true Tree of Life, the Crown.

This is a reminder.

Also, space is limited and you must register ahead.

Please arrive prior to 7 PM. Thank you.



Love, Light and Laughter,



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