Gynecological Surgery Abroad, Lauren Ben

  A Celebration of Women This woman is the editor-in-chief of TicketMed AND is a certified Medical Tourism provider operating for over a decade, with the additional goal of promoting patient education. Among other medical subjects, Lauren's site also provides readers with an extensive yet user-friendly look at the various diseases and treatment options.     Gynecological Surgery Abroad   It is not easy for a female patient to be told by her doctor that she may need … [Read more...]

It Pays to invest in Women’s Health

  It Pays to Invest in Women’s Health UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet has joined a prestigious reference group for a new research project on the economic benefits of investing in women’s health. The Norwegian-led research will build on existing studies that refer to the positive “ripple effects” for families and communities when women’s health, education and employment are promoted. It responds to the need for a better understanding of the ways in which … [Read more...]

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