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Gynecological Surgery Abroad


It is not easy for a female patient to be told by her doctor that she may need gynecological surgery. This generally means she will need to undergo an operation in one of her most important and delicate part of the female body.

The term gynecological surgery can refer to medical procedures performed on the uterus, vagina, the cervix, the fallopian tubes, the endometrium or any female organs that are related to this area. Any surgery done in these organs can have a great effect on the female body and reproductive system and must be performed in pin-point precision. As the surgery can also affect the woman’s fertility, a surgeon will try to consider the patient’s preferences as much as they possibly could under the medical circumstances.

In general, with today’s technology, many surgeons will prefer to perform minimally invasive endoscopic surgery over the more traditional method of “open surgery” in which it may be necessary to perform various incisions. In the first method, a surgeon will cause only minimal skin trauma, lowering risks as well as the recovery time.

When the female patient decides on going through surgery, a few problems can arise, preventing her from having the surgery under her terms, lack of insurance or long waiting lists among them. If this occurs, the option of medical tourism could be of assistance as the patient can have the gynecological surgery she needs abroad.

Medical Tourism

Before we delve into the medical tourism solution, let’s take a look at the question “What is medical tourism“. Medical tourism describes the phenomena in which patients travel across national borders in order to undergo various medical treatments and procedures. As it may seem that this is a fairly new kind of tourism, it has been documented that people have been leaving their home country to undergo treatments for centuries.

The latest surge in the industry came in the past couple of decades as travel means have improved immensely combined with the fact that people are just a click away from anything on the internet. These two factors have turned medical tourism into a logical solution. Patient will travel today for a number of reasons that include lack of proper medical insurance (or any at all) that will cover the operation thus forcing them to look for cheaper solutions, long and unacceptable waiting lists or simply better or more advanced medical technology and research elsewhere.

Today, this industry is booming as more and more patients are reaching countries with hospitals up to par with American medical. Patients may choose to travel abroad to undergo a diagnosing, a major surgery, prolong treatments (such as cancer treatments), outpatient surgery and more. This of course also includes different types of gynecological surgery.

Gynecological Surgery Abroad

Either as a result of more traditional treatments failing or of “surgery” being the primary recommended option, there are many different gynecological conditions that can require an operation. These conditions can include various menstrual conditions, several types of cancer in the reproductive system, severe cases of endometriosis, a benign growth, coagulation and hormonal disorders or even surgery as birth control method.No matter what the medical condition is, the patient can choose to undergo the recommended treatment abroad. There are many advanced hospitals, clinics and medical centers with world renowned surgeons that will perform gynecological surgery that is intended to treat the specific condition.

When a patient wants to inquire about the possibility of gynecological surgery abroad, they can check their medical options on their own, acquiring all information needed on the internet, including destination countries, hospitals and recommended doctors. They also have the option of turning to a professional medical tourism facilitator who can provide the medical research to the patient and accompany her every step of the way, from the information and booking stage until returning home after the surgery. In the latter, patients will not have to deal with the bureaucracy of medical travel.

If for example a patient will be traveling to India for a hysterectomy, she will arrive at the hospital and will be accepted by a medical professional that will receive her medical history and start preliminary testing and preparing her for surgery. If everything is as expected, the surgery will be performed within a few days of the arrival followed by recuperation period at a proper recovery facility. Once the medical process is over, the patient is free to enjoy a vacation in the country she is visiting in or return home.

So the next time you hear about a gynecological surgery candidate that is having trouble undergoing the procedure in her own country, bring up the option of Medical Tourism, it may be suitable for the situation.

Lauren Ben – Gynecological Surgery Abroad, 2011

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