Memorial Day with Roxanne Williams, Come Home Soon

What effects did World War 2 have on women in America? Women began to do the jobs that the men used to do. They worked in factories, steel mills, and on fighter planes. A woman who worked in an industrial or manufacturing job was refered to as "Rosie the Riviter". More independent, less willing to lose their new gained power, managed America when men were at war. Also set new standards of female participation in Wars, pilots, shippers and nurses. Women married earlier in life, … [Read more...]

UN Women – Employment, now hiring

  UN WOMEN   Employment UN Women is now hiring expert practitioners for the following assignments: Programme Analyst (UN Trust Fund – EVAW) Location: New York Post Level: P2 (TA) Application Deadline: 22 August 2011 Programme Specialist (EVAW) Location: New York Post Level: P4 Application Deadline: 24 August 2011 Programme Specialist (LAC) Location: New York Post Level: P3 Application Deadline: 24 August 2011 Regional Programme Coordinator Location: … [Read more...]

HAITI, Women at Work in Carrefour

Magdala Jean Pierre manages a rubble removal project in Carrefour. Copyrights: Jean Hénoc Pernier / WFP   In Carrefour, a busy suburban town located just West of Port-au-Prince, a women’s association is getting neighborhoods ready for rebuilding. The 2010 earthquake left the town shattered. A year and a half later scars of the earthquake are everywhere. Walking in Carrefour, every street tells the same story of destruction. For each house still standing, there are several more that … [Read more...]

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