Memorial Day with Roxanne Williams, Come Home Soon

What effects did World War 2 have on women in America?

  • Women began to do the jobs that the men used to do. They worked in factories, steel mills, and on fighter planes. A woman who worked in an industrial or manufacturing job was refered to as “Rosie the Riviter”.
  • More independent, less willing to lose their new gained power, managed America when men were at war. Also set new standards of female participation in Wars, pilots, shippers and nurses.
  • Women married earlier in life, had more children and relied much less on their husbands after the war. The divorce rate in the United States and Britain skyrocketed, compared to previous years. Women held higher paying jobs than in pre-war years, and this caused some conflict when men were discharged from the military and wanted their old jobs back, which were now held by women.
  • Women went into the workplace and never looked back. They took over factory jobs, drove trucks, flew military aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean to England, and numerous other jobs that had traditionaly been open only to men. Once the men returned from the war the women were more independent than ever and would never be content to sit at home again.
  • Women played the role of helping fabricate weapons and bombs and all the equipment the soldiers would need. Women never set foot on the battle field but they also were nurses and assistants and that helped alot since they needed medical treatments
  • The above answer about women ” never setting foot on the battlefield” is dead wrong.
    Canadian Army nurses were about 5 to 8 miles behind the front lines in Italy, and later in France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. They worked in advanced aid stations and advanced medical care stations, and DOZENS of them were killed by enemy fire. They assisted in the operating rooms, and were trained as “gas passers” or anesthetic nurses, as well as x-ray techs, and cast techs.
    Many other nursing sisters were lost in ship sinkings on the passage to Europe, when their ships were sunk by U-boats. They were just as dead as any one else.
  • During WWII it was womens time to shine. Their men were gone fighting on the frontlines while they were left to fight on the honefront. It was up to women and their long hours spent in war factories and their scarafices that ensure American Soldiers the necessary euipment to achieve victory. Thank You ladies for all you did for our country and thank you soldiers for giving it all. God Bless
  • It is important to note that while during the war women did amazing work in the factories and service in all branches of the military, the post-war conditions for women did not reflect all that it might seem they should have gained. The late 40s and 50s saw an almost complete reversion to previous gender norms. Among other effects, women typically were replaced by men in the factories and the ideal of stay-at-home domesticity gained even more strength (bolstered by the strength of the U.S. economy at the time). While divorce rates skyrocketed, indicating the beginning of greater gender autonomy, it wasn’t until the 1960s that any real, tangible change could be seen for women beyond a few specific demographics.

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WOMEN in 2012 and WAR
Although excluded from official “combat roles,” there is no clear front line in the current conflicts. Many female troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have been exposed to direct fire while serving in support roles, such as military police, helicopter pilots, and truck drivers. Even those who don’t travel outside the security perimeter of a military base are constantly threatened by mortars and rockets. As one female veteran put it, “Life in Iraq and Afghanistan is combat.”

Over 100 women have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, and more than 600 have been wounded in action. And like their male counterparts, many are also returning home with invisible wounds, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as a result of combat experiences.


There Is No Greater Love Than To Lay Down Your Life for Another, COME HOME SOON

This video was created by as a re-make of the 4th of July video, which I created. I felt it was fitting to honor our soldiers on Memorial Day. Please remember this quote: In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons.

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