IAEA Promotes Female Involvement in the Workforce

A workplace without enough women is missing out on 50% of the finest minds on the planet. So to encourage more young women to pursue careers in the sciences later in life and become interested in the work of the Agency, the IAEA hosted Take Your Daughter to Work Day on 25 April 2013. Dozens of young women toured areas where the public does not normally have access - like the Safeguards Imagery and Nuclear Security Laboratories. Head of the Department of Management and the IAEA's only … [Read more...]

Pearl Seigel: 10 Common Mistakes Start-up Businesses Make

10 Common Mistakes Start-up Businesses “Femmepreneur” An increasing number of entrepreneurs are entering the challenging new world of running one’s own business. Pearl Seigel addresses some of the common pitfalls: Lack of planning - Businesses that do not have a plan often lack direction and focus. The purpose of developing a business plan is not just to raise capital but to direct the process of starting a new business. That said it is always important to change the … [Read more...]

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